What is the difference between Gyno gland and Fat ?

Fat is softer stuff accumulated over the the body especially in the chest.  Chest look like a female breast and Chest become saggy and soft with skin. This fat make male breast firmer like female breast and condition is called gynecomastia.

Any Medicine for Gynecomastia treatment Availble?

No Specific medicine is present for fat extraction. So we can say Gynecomastia treatment through Medicine unsuccessful and don’t reduce gynecomastia. People used medicine for gynecomastia fat extraction having may disadvantages and side effect so Avoid such things

Gynecomastia effect on your age?

Puffy nipple and Fluffy body makes your look old. Gynecomastia diminish beauty of your personality, Get rid from this and take surgery for beautiful body and look

How to choose best Plastic Surgeon For gynecomastia in your area?

All ways choose that plastic surgeon who having experience and assure your best results after the surgery. At Cosmoplasty Lahore Dr Amin Yousaf having more then 15 years of experience and done more then 1500 gynecomastia surgeries. Book your consultation now from our surgeon.