In this article we will dicsu about Virgin tightening surgery cost in Pakistan,  Vaginal-Tightening Surgery Cost & Procedure in detail. Vagina Tightening Surgery popularly also known as v-Tightening, In this method Plastaic surgeon tighte the inner muscle of vaginal wall which help to reconstruct vaginal area- if we are talking about vagina tightening surgeyr in Pakistan 2 famous doctor are offering vagina tightening surgery No-1 Dr Amin Yousaf and No-2 Dr Raheela Farooq. if you want to get appointment from them please call us now at 03214945209. Cosmoplast offers best surgeons for Vagina Tightening Surgery &  Hymenoplasty surgery


The Vagina Tightening Surgery in Lahore Pakistan done by any experaince surgeon doesn’t have any kind complications.


The vagina tightening surgery in Lahore Pakistan Completed with in  60mint to 80 mint. ony 5% cases patients how did not take proper care suffer few issues, because of the proper rest and medicine given to them.

Virgin tightening surgery cost in Pakistan

As compared to other  Cities of Pakistan, Vagina Tightening Surgery Cost in Lahore is cheap at our clinic. Plastic Surgeon give you detail information after this surgery to avoid dryness and improving the itchng and getting best resutls in your vaginal area.

“Virgin tightening surgery cost in Pakistan  ranges from a minimum of 125000 PKR to a maximum of 175000 PKR”

vagina tightening surgery At Cosmoplast ?

Mostly in Pakistan women, after the early childbirth, loose vaginal laxity, Early baby birth stretching the vaginal wall muscles and as a results vaginal wall muscle and tampons fall off. In Such case, our surgeon offer vaginal tightening surgery in Lahore which helps women to gain their possition back and get muscleto strength back . after surgery vaginal become same as before marraige. Results are permanent till the same sanario repete

Vagina tightening surgery Complete procedure:

During the surgery Plastic surgeon remove the extra skin from inside the vagina- surgeon tighten the inner muscle of the vagina as a results inner canal of vagina tightened, sutures dissolve after 10 days, patients get tighter vagina after 30 days, and this Surgery also helps female  to enhance more their sexual pleasure.

Reasons vagina tightening surgery

Any risks after surgery?

Like any cosmetic treatment, risk operation is present 5% which includes:

if you want to get more information regarding vagina tightening surgery in Lahore / Hymenoplasty, Vagina Tightening Surgery Cost In Lahore (Pakistan) & Vaginal-Tightening Surgery Cost & Procedure call us now 03214945209