Looking for Vaser liposuction in Lahore Pakistan – Dr Amin Yousaf offer Vaser Liposuction Sculpting in Lahore Pakistan with best results by using latest techniques.Vaser Liposuction removes localized fat effectively, allowing a high degree of definition thanks to the ultrasonic energy with which the surgeon performs a more selective and controlled fat extraction. In just one procedure, surprising results are achieved that help the patient to have a permanently molded and much more beautiful figure

What is Vaser Liposuction

It is a revolutionary surgical technique with which localized fat is permanently eliminated, sculpting the body and defining the muscles , using ultrasound technology. All this in a personalized way, attending to the preferences, needs and characteristics of each patient, with the aim of promoting all their physical potential.

Vaser Lipo technology uses a type of gentle energy that eliminates localized fat , while preserving the rest of the tissues. With this, greater precision is achieved, a faster recovery with minimal discomfort, as well as greater skin retraction once the fat is removed. Ultrasonic energy is transmitted by small probes that distribute heat waves in the affected area. In this way, the fat dissolves and its extraction is facilitated.

Its greater precision allows to achieve maximum body remodeling both in the smallest areas with localized fat, such as the double chin, to larger areas, such as thighs or abdomen.

High Defination HD Liposuction

Lipo Vaser uses small ultrasound probes to eliminate localized fat in all types of body areas. Some of the areas that you can treat with Vaser Lipo are:

Small areas

Larger areas

With this surgical technique a greater body definition is achieved than with other liposuction techniques, especially due to the great precision it achieves in all types of areas. Its main objective is, once the fat has been removed, to make the patient’s muscles more visible and defined, achieving a much more attractive and defined appearance.

The Ideal Candidate for HD Liposuction

This treatment is recommended for both men and women who want to achieve greater body definition in a simple and totally effective way. Vaser Lipo is especially recommended to those patients who cannot get rid of those fat deposits that are impossible to eliminate with methods such as diet or exercise.

It is not a recommended technique for patients with obesity or high overweight problems and who are in good physical condition. Vaser Lipo works very well on thighs, abdomen, chest, arms, neck and chin.

In any case, we always recommend a free first assessment by our medical team if you want to undergo Vaser Lipo in Lahore. It will be our team of surgeons who can best assess you and advise you on the best treatment according to your needs and expectations.

Vaser Liposuction Procedure

The Vaser Lipo procedure can last between 1 to 6 hours depending on the extension of the area to be treated. Before starting, the corresponding anesthesia will be applied to the patient, which may be local or sedation, depending on the area to be treated.

First, the patient will be injected with a special saline solution with anesthetic agents (which constricts the blood vessels to minimize the subsequent appearance of bruises) that will allow the fat to be removed more easily in the desired area. Once injected, ultrasound technology is applied , which, with its high frequency, causes the bubbles of the previously applied saline solution to create air bubbles. These bubbles, together with the energy used by ultrasound, make the pressure separate the fat cells from the fat tissue. Once separated, these fat cells are aspirated for subsequent removal through small cannulas inserted through small incisions in the skin.

In addition, Vaser Lipo allows fat cells to be used later for lipofilling in other areas.


The recovery of Vaser Lipo is faster than in other fat removal procedures. The bubbles created by ultrasound, in combination with the injected saline solution, cannot infiltrate tissues such as nerves or blood vessels, so these tissues remain intact . This allows skin retraction to be more effective and treatment recovery faster . In sports patients or with healthy habits, the recovery will be even faster.

Once the intervention is finished, it is recommended that the patient wear a girdle in the area that has been treated with Vaser Lipo for the first month . In addition, during the first five days the drains will be maintained (depending on the patient, it will take one, two or three), while massages to drain fluids and pressotherapy are carried out during the first weeks. Later lymphatic drainage will be done. It is not necessary for the patient to rest completely, but it is necessary to limit his movements in the first days.

Safety & efficacy

Vaser Lipo is a totally safe and minimally invasive procedure , which presents less bruising than other liposuction treatments and a much faster recovery. In addition, it has the great advantage over other treatments of achieving an effective tightening of the skin and a greater definition of the muscles once the localized fat deposits have been removed.

Difference Traditional Liposuction And Vaser Lipo

The main differences that ultrasound liposuction presents from traditional liposuction are:

Difference Lipsuction And Lipo Vaser

The main differences between these two procedures for the removal of localized fat are:


The advantages of the Vaser Lipo fat removal technique compared to other similar treatments are:


Eliminating localized fat with Lipo Vaser is a good option for those who want to eliminate those fat deposits that are impossible to eliminate with other methods. Some of the main benefits of our Vaser Lipo treatment in Lahore are:

Vaser Liposuction In Lahore

Get rid of annoying localized fat deposits with vaser Liposuction from Dr Amin Yousaf. Get greater muscle definition and a more athletic body with ultrasound liposuction. Quick and effective recovery and totally satisfactory results. Find out now and request your first free assessment by getting online assesment. Visit our clinic for Vaser liposuction in Lahore