Vaginoplasty is the surgery indicated for women who, after several deliveries or causes such as malformations, need a narrowing of the vaginal canal , which brings with it the improvement of muscle tone, control and elasticity of the vagina. A vaginoplasty can be performed using a set of surgical or non-surgical techniques. In addition to improving the sexual life of women, vaginoplasty treats the aesthetic aspect of the intimate area and, consequently, produces psychological well-being. If you want to get vaginoplasty in Lahore viist Dr Amin clinic or by calling us book your consultaiton regarding vaginal tightening surgeyr in Lahore .

Vaginoplasty In Lahore

Vaginoplasty is called a set of techniques aimed at improving the aesthetic and functional aspects of the vagina. It is sometimes confused with labiaplasty , but it is not exactly the same. It can be divided into the following sections:

Labiaplasty: it is the most frequent intervention. They consist of reducing the size of the labia minora, which are enlarged (hypertrophic) and protruding.



There are several reasons why a patient requires a procedure of this type, among them are pregnancies, which alter the pelvic floor and make sexual intercourse not fully enjoyed.

Vaginoplasty properb : it consists of reducing the internal size of the vagina in those cases in which it has opened a lot after childbirth.

Vaginal lift: it is a set of comprehensive vaginal rejuvenation techniques, through elevation, liposculpture of the labia majora, etc.


Patients who present aesthetic and functional defects of their vagina can be treated with any of the appropriate techniques for this. As they are multiple, allow your surgeon to explain some of them.

It is a novel branch of plastic surgery, so you may be unaware of some of the possibilities that currently exist.


At the end of the intervention, special gauze will be placed on you and your own underwear will be put on.

Postoperative discomfort is usually moderate, usually being limited to the first days. The feeling of tension in the vaginal area is related to the stitches. These are those that come off spontaneously in a few weeks, not being necessary to remove them after a while. You will not present voiding difficulties at any time.

Vaginoplasty is a surgery that includes various techniques, each with its peculiarities. Labiaplasty, vaginal lifting or reduction of the vaginal entrance have their own indication and evolution, but the results are consistently


There are many women who after childbirth begin to have problems with pelvic floor drop or similar, and with vaginoplasty, considered a safe and recommended surgical technique in these cases, it is possible that this woman will feel good and self-confident again.

Some of the disadvantages of having a wide vagina after childbirth is that with light efforts there may be urine leakage, or more continuously, urinary incontinence, from Dr. Amin team we consider that this problem has a solution precisely with this technique.

Next, we expose all those aspects about vaginoplasty that a woman with her need, should know before the intervention.


Vaginoplasty is a technique that undoubtedly improves the aesthetic appearance of the vagina , as well as its basic functions, so that almost immediately, a woman operated on for this reason will be able to control her internal muscles much better. the vagina, as well as to control the proper functioning of said parts.

It is often confused with labiaplasty or vaginal lifting, but each of these techniques has objectives and guidelines to carry them out. In the case of labiaplasty, it consists of reducing the size of the lips of the vagina, which for reasons beyond the body, such as pushing during childbirth or the like, are left out and enlarged.

As for the vaginal lifting, it is a technique of comprehensive rejuvenation of the vagina, where there is elevation of the same and liposculpture of the labia majora.

Vaginoplasty consists of reducing the size of the vagina , without taking into account other body structures that may also be involved, such as the labia minora and majora of the vagina.


At present, there are many possibilities for cosmetic plastic surgery treatments, such as vaginoplasty, which has recently appeared and offers advantages in all aspects related to the functionality and aesthetics of female vaginas.

This type of surgical intervention is indicated for women who, after several deliveries, have seen their internal muscles have been declining , so that repositioning all the muscles in their place will make it possible to recover the functionality of the beginning, and they can be performed pelvic floor exercises without difficulty.

Also in women who have not had children, but who need a reconstruction of the internal part of the vagina , this intervention is advisable.

In any case, there is no type of negative physical sequel for women, since on the contrary, everything that helps their reproductive organs to be aligned with the rest of the body’s muscles will help to achieve a better body condition, and consequently, more emotional aspects of women will improve.


The vaginoplasty in Lahore is a technique basically consists of narrowing the vaginal canal , so that with the reduction of the muscle, which in most cases will be distended and fallen, the vagina returns to its original state in shape and place , and indirectly improves muscle tone, elasticity of said muscle and of course, self and conscious control of the vagina.

The muscles of the vagina are very delicate and fine, so anything that helps to preserve that thoroughness will be welcome in the final results that the patient will see and notice.

By this, we are referring to the fact that on certain occasions there are surgeons who make a narrowing of the vagina with a laser, but on rare occasions, since that delicacy we are talking about is needed, only the scalpel is capable of specifying and obtaining it.

The operation does not usually last more than two hours, it is usually done under general anesthesia, and the hospital stay does not usually exceed the night, except for certain complications, which are usually minimal. The scars are invisible, and in most cases, all the problems caused by flaccidity of the muscle are solved with this vaginoplasty in Lahore .


First of all, clarify that vaginoplasty is a 100% safe technique, that it does not imply major setbacks or contraindications, and that by significantly affecting female health, patients strongly recommend it to everyone they know.

During the hospitalization, which usually lasts a day, it is mild, since if there is any pain, it will be enough to take some analgesic to alleviate it.

Total recovery will always depend on each particular case, and in all cases, the woman will notice that over time, the strength of the pelvic floor recovers, and that the muscles of the vagina are more uniformly controlled.

Normally, it will be advisable not to practice sexual intercourse for at least a month after the operation, to allow the tissues to heal in a convenient way, and that everything goes to its place naturally.

In some cases, the use of female hormones will also be recommended, which will activate the healing process, improving and accelerating it.

At least six weeks of recovery are required to know for sure that the scars will be completely closed. In any case, moderate rest, a quiet life during the first two weeks, and not making physical efforts that involve the vaginal area, will be the most convenient to complete the vaginoplasty surgery in the most successful way possible.

Dr. Amin team has the experience necessary for the vaginoplasty intervention to be a success in all cases. Plastic surgery offers this type of technique for all women who, after having children, or due to the evolution of their age, believe that they can improve other aspects of their intimate and personal life.


The Vaginoplasty in Lahore is a Cosmetic surgery and currently one of the most requested surgical treatments in Pakistan in world. Vaginoplasty Surgery cost in Lahore Pakistan is in range of Rs: 75,000 To 125,000 This cost include all kind of expanse during the surgery and pre-post check up, For Free online consultation regarding vaginoplasty in lahore or vaginal rightening surgeyr in lahore call us at 0321-4945209