vaginal rejuvenation also called Vaginoplasty. It is a aesthetic surgery procedurealso known as vaginal tightening. Vaginoplasty mainly for restoration normal shape of vagina.Vaginoplasty is a cosmetic treatment for Vagina tighening, or narrowing of the vagina / rejuvenate Vagina or to restore tone to the vaginal and vaginal muscles. After Surgery sexual relations improve. Surgeon tightening inner vagina muscle to maintain vagina muscle tone.

During Vaginoplasty plastic surgeon reduce the internal size of the vagina for those having abortion or open for early child birth.

Main Reason for Vaginoplasty is dueto early child birth some time due to age, passage of time and pregnancies, weaknes. This surgery make your vagina young attractive again. Surgeon used rejuvenation technique for vaginal lifting. This Surgery improve vaginal function and shape. Vaginoplasty is totally different from labiaplasty some people don’t not under stand and cosnfused

Nowadays in Pakistan, Mostly taking vaginoplasty for enhancement of their genital area. Some time to improve vagnial their physical appearance for self-esteem.

Labiaplasty: During Labiaplasty Surgeon reduce extra skin of the labia minora. which are enlarged (hypertrophic) and protruding.

Vaginal lifting: Using Liposculture vaginal rejuvenation Surgery reshape labia majora

Vaginoplasty is an 100% Safe procedure, No major complication,  After 1 day stay you can go home after vaginoplasty Surgery. Results appear after 30 days of Procedure

Vaginoplasty Surgery Cost in Lahore Pakisan

At Our clinic Vaginoplasty Surgery cost in Lahore start from Rs: 125000PKR. This cost include all other expanse like anesthetist fee, Medicine and hospital theater charges. At Dr Amin Yousaf in Lahore Pakistan, the Cost for a vaginoplasty Surgery alo includes one night of hospital stay. Our Surgeon consider it essential for vaginoplastyoperation. Vaginoplasty done under General Anesthesia so cost is high.

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