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Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty in lahore

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty allows the definitive improvement of the shape and size of the nose using ultrasound instruments, if you want to get Ultrasonic rhinoplasty in Lahore visit cosmoplast today or call to Dr Amin best Ultrasonic rhinoplasty surgeon in Lahore.

What is ultrasonic rhinoplasty?

It is one of the most advanced techniques today for the definitive correction of the nose. Ultrasonic rhinoplasty leaves aside the classic rhinoplasty materials such as chisels and hammers to replace them with instruments that work through ultrasound, achieving high precision and less trauma in the process and in the postoperative period . The scalpel is called a piezoelectric, a special instrument that achieves a more precise result with less swelling and edema. Dr Amin is best surgeon for ultrasonic rhinoplasty in Lahore

Advantages Of Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Surgery

Ultrasonic nose surgery has many advantages that make it one of the most optimal options to achieve more satisfactory results:

  • The patient will have less swelling, bruising, edema and bruising after the operation. This makes recovery from the operation much easier and faster.
  • Bone remodeling is performed with greater precision thanks to advanced instruments. With the use of a piezoelectric scalpel , any type of nasal defect is corrected without the appearance of uncontrolled fractures.
  • The result is very natural since there is no damage to soft tissues or blood vessels
  • It is a totally safe procedure in which any type of collateral damage is avoided, since it only works exclusively on the nasal bone.

In which cases is this procedure recommended?

This type of operation is especially recommended for filing the saddle or fracturing bones or osteotomy. Through this, the nose is narrowed or straightened, and can be performed in any type of rhinoplasty (except those that are exclusively in the area of the nasal tip).

In addition, this treatment above all allows to repair with greater precision all the nasal irregularities that the patient presents.

The Benefits Of Ultrasonic Nose Surgery

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty surgery in Lahore has multiple benefits over the traditional procedure:

  • Totally natural and precise results
  • Remodeling is done without breaking soft tissue or blood vessels
  • Does not present as many bruises as classic rhinoplasty
  • It has fewer irregularities, correcting all kinds of nasal defects
  • Free first valuation
  • Trust, professionalism and safety by Dr Amin Yousaf for Ultrasonic Nose Surgery in Lahore and medical team.

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Surgery In Lahore

Get much more precise and effective results in your nose operation with Dr Amin Yousaf for ultrasonic rhinoplasty Surgery in Lahore. Experience and professionalism of our medical team at your disposal to achieve the best nasal results at our Clinic in Lahore Pakistan. Find out without obligation and enjoy the first free valuation with Dr Amin Yousaf at Cosmoplast best Clinic for Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Surgery In Lahore

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost In Lahore Pakistan

The Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Surgery and Cosmetic surgery is currently one of the most requested surgical treatments in Pakistan both men and women. At Cosmoplast Lahore Dr Amin plastic offer Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty surgery in Lahore. He is one of best Ultrasonic Nose surgeons in Lahore Pakistan and a maximum level of satisfaction with the results. Nose Surgery cost in Lahore Pakistan is in range of Rs: 125,000 To 225,000 This cost include all kind of expanse during the surgery and pre-post check up

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