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Tummy tuck Surgery also called abdominoplasty the intervention aimed to improve the aesthetics of the abdominal wall , correcting problems in many cases of muscle weakness ( distasis straight , hernias or hernias) and dermograsa surplus. If you want to get tummy tuck surgery in Lahore then visit cosmoplast By Dr Amin one of top and best tummy tuck surgeon in Lahore Pakistan. The abdomen can be altered by a multitude of circumstances that end up changing its aesthetics, with the abdominoplasty the excessive volume of the belly is reduced and in turn the muscular alterations in the abdomen are corrected. Dr. Amin Tummy tuck surgeon in Lahore Pakistan , achieves by only the abdominoplasty or by combining this abdominal surgery with other plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction , rejuvenate the waist and abdomen of women after childbirth or recover the firm appearance of men who have endured a increased abdominal volume due to excessive weight.

Classically, abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck Surgery) is an intervention that is carried out especially in women who, after giving birth on one or more occasions, have abdominal flaccidity and wish to regain their previous silhouette and abdominal continence. (postpartum surgery)

On many occasions, abdominoplasty is associated with other body contour improvement procedures, such as Liposuction (lipoabdominoplasty) , constituting a synergy in the improvement of results. There are multiple variants that this technique presents depending on each case and the wishes of each patient. We are going to make a brief summary of the main abdominal operations used, ordering them from least to greatest need for surgical correction.

It must be taken into account that these techniques are not a watertight compartment, but rather constitute a continuum in terms of the need for surgical actions for each case.

There are many benefits of the tummy tuck surgery in Lahore. It is best for those women who have completed their faimly. Tummy tuck Surgery is an effective and immediate solution to extra fat around the abdominal area both in men and women. The Tummy tuck surgery makes your tummy flat, with a firm abdomen and a smaller waist. Results of the surgery are satisfying because of the great look created, and the well-sculpted figure you get post-surgery.

Dr Amin Plastic Surgery Clinics is a well-known name in the field of surgery. You can get the best Tummy Tuck Surgery in Lahore at Dr Amin Plastic Surgery Clinics. There are many branches of this clinic in Pakistan such as New Lahore, Tummy Tuck Surgery in Lahore.

Types of Tummy tuck Surgery

There are various methods when carrying out an Tummy tuck Surgery, in fact each process is unique, because each patient has its own characteristics, in any case, these are the most common Tummy tuck Surgery in men and women:

Abdominal liposuction : In this case, the excessive presence of fat is eliminated, but it does not intervene in the muscle and skin area.

Mini tummy tuck Surgery: We said that, in some cases, the medical professional recommends this solution, especially indicated for cases in which it is only the lower region of the navel that presents the fat bulge.

Abdominoplasty with vertical scar : In this case the excess skin is removed after reducing the fat. In this case, it is normal for a small scar to be left in the area near the navel.

Reverse Tummy Tuck Surgery: Reverse Tummy tuck surgery are performed when excess skin is in the area above the navel.

In reality, there are many more types of abdominoplasty depending on the characteristics of the patient, however these 4 interventions are the most common.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Technique

Abdominoplasty begins by painting the area to be removed on your belly. Specifically, the skin and fat are removed from the area under the navel to the pubis, in most cases. The navel is respected, to later give it a more youthful and beautiful shape. Subsequently , the abdominal fascia is plicated . This means that the fascia, which is the covering of the abdominal muscles, is sewn on the inside, which over time or pregnancies have become separated from each other, and are reinforced by returning them to their original place. This makes the shape of the belly change completely, and, after surgery, in the before / after profile photos you will see the incredible change thanks to this technique.

The skin above the navel is tightened until it contacts that of the pubis and closes. Therefore, it is important to know that the resulting scar is horizontal, from side to side, but completely hidden by the bikini, panties or briefs .

On some occasions, Dr. Amin will recommend associating the Tummy tuck surgery with liposuction of the flanks (love handles) or that of the upper abdomen, to achieve the best and most natural result possible.

Steps for a tummy tuck procedure

A tummy tuck procedure basically requires the following steps:
  • Anesthesia: Medications are administered to sedate the patient during surgery, you can choose intravenous or general. As a doctor, I will recommend the best option.
  • The incision: A full tummy tuck requires a horizontal incision in the area between the belly and pubic hairline. The shape and length of the cut will be determined by the amount of excess skin. Once the skin in the area is raised, the weakened abdominal muscles are repaired. A second incision is made around the belly button to remove excess skin on the upper abdomen.
  • Incision closure: the upper abdomen is lowered. Excess skin is trimmed and the rest of the skin is stitched up. A new navel is then made, and stitched into position.
  • The incisions are closed: sutured and the entire procedure completed.
  • Finally,: it only remains to wait for the results. Abdominoplasty patients will be able to see this area more flat and firm, proportional to their body type and weight.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost In Lahore Pakistan

The general price of the tummy tuck surgery in Lahore Pakistan depends on the center that performs the operation. Normally at cosmoplasty tummy tuck surgery cost in Lahore Pakistan is in range of Rs:125000 to Rs:175000 This cost include all kind of expance, Tummy tuck surgery cost also depends medical center, the resources necessary for the intervention and the morphological characteristics of the patient determine the final price. In cases where a mini-abdominoplasty is finally performed, something very common, the final price is reduced, in other cases the price may become more expensive for various reasons.The key for a abdominoplasty operation to obtain a positive result is to offer each patient a personalized treatment, according to their physical characteristics. and your goals. The process prior to the operation is focused precisely on determining the conditions in which the operation will be carried out, the type of intervention to be carried out and the result to be obtained

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