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Definition Of  Rhinoplasty Surgery Lahore (Nose Job)

With the Rhinoplasty operation, we can correct deviations of the nasal septum, bone humps, ridge, etc. providing a harmonious appearance to the face. Rhinoplasty is one of the most widely performed surgeries because the nose is one of the main structures of the face making it one of the most important features, and therefore its aesthetic importance with the rest of the face. For Rhinoplasty Lahore visit our clinic

The Rhinoplasty is a very frequent intervention in our midst. The nose is the most important element of facial aesthetics, for two main reasons: first, it is located in the center of the face, and it is the first thing that is looked at together with the eyes when addressing someone. Second, it is the anatomical structure that protrudes and protrudes out of the face, making it visible also in profile or in oblique views. The experience in carrying out this technique over many years and a multitude of studies assure us that it is a safe intervention with very good results. Rhinoplasty is probably the surgery with more stable results over time, that is, that unlike other procedures, the shape of the nose is very resistant to the passage of time and the changes we have made to it are, essentially, “for all life”.

Best Rhinoplasty Lahore | Nose Surgery | Nose Reshaping Surgery

The  Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure with which we can change the shape of the nose. It is one of the most frequently performed surgeries in cosmetic surgery. With  Rhinoplasty we can either decrease or increase the size of the nose,  vary the shape of the tip and the back,  narrow the nostrils or change the angle between the upper lip and the nose. In addition, we can also solve certain congenital problems, trauma, and respiratory problems. It is done in order to correct aspects that affect functionality, that may make it disproportionate or that are not in harmony with the rest of the face

The First Consultation

In the first consultation with Dr. Amin rhinoplasty surgeon Lahore, you will be able to know first-hand the details of the procedure. In Rhinoplasty, the most important thing is PLANNING. The plastic surgeon expert in rhinoplasty must know exactly all the maneuvers that must be performed in the operating room after having thoroughly studied the case in the consultation. Therefore, we will take a series of measurements on the nose (distances, angles, shapes).

In all our Rhinoplasty cases we will perform a SIMULATION: We use special software, to simulate with real photographs of your nose, how we can change and shape it: make it smaller, less pronounced, lower the hump, around the tip, etc … Remember that beauty is very subjective, and two patients with the same nose can look for very different results (always within naturalness), so simulation is essential since you can see the before and after with your own photos before to operate on you.

Rhinoplasty should be a process of meeting between the surgeon and the patient. Always be wary of a surgeon who claims to choose everything for you, since no two patients are the same, and you must be an active part in the rhinoplasty planning process.

Dr. Amin rhinoplasty surgeon will make a personalized recommendation according to your tastes, but always putting naturalness and safety first. We will never offer you an artificial result, or one that seems operated. Our absolute priority and achieve beauty with results that seem 100% natural.

Am I a good candidate for Rhinoplasty Surgery Lahore?

An ideal patient will be the one who wants to improve the appearance of the nose, be clear about what he wants to change about it, and seek to harmonize his nose with the rest of the face.

There is no ideal nose in absolute terms. Each person has their own style, harmony within the whole of the face, and therefore, it is a mistake to try to make a “model” nose for all patients, because the results will not be natural. Depending on your features, you will need a nose with a little more back, a little less, a shorter or more pointed tip, different angles, etc …

Is essential:

  • Be sure of the elements that we do not like about our nose and those that we want to change.
  • Listen to the opinion of the specialist, since no one can better convey to us the possibilities for improvement and where we should focus our efforts or where we should not go to avoid losing the natural result we seek.
  • Know how far we can go. Realistic expectations are essential to ending satisfied with the result. That is why the simulation process is essential, only in this way can you see it with your own eyes and understand, where appropriate, the possible limitations of the procedure.

Preoperative Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can be done basically through two techniques or approaches:

  • Closed rhinoplasty: internal scars, a little faster disinflammation process. Less predictable results.
  • Open rhinoplasty: small scar (2mm) at the base of the columella, which over time in 99% of cases is almost invisible. Recovery somewhat slower until the final results are seen. Better control over the shape of the nose, more natural and lasting results in most cases.
  • Currently, there is a tendency in most rhinoplasty experts to use open rhinoplasty, since the scar is excellent, it is no more painful or causes more discomfort and the results are better. In our practice, most of the rhinoplasty is performed open.
  • In order to carry out the necessary changes in the shape of the nose, depending on the case, you must remove excess cartilage, remove bone, fracture the bone (osteotomies), remodel the cartilage at the tip, straighten the septum (septoplasty), put Invisible internal grafts to support the nose, improve respiratory function by treating turbinates and valves or other problems.

The same procedure tries to improve the aesthetic and functional (respiratory) components.

Postoperative Rhinoplasty

  • It is expected that you have some discomfort in the first 2-5 days after the intervention. In most cases, you can return to work after 3-7 days, although you have to keep in mind that you will wear the splint until approximately the seventh day, so many patients decide to take a week off to rejoin better terms.
  • You will be able to start wearing glasses at 3-4 weeks.
  • Some bruises may appear on the face, it is normal. We will recommend a cream so that they are quickly removed.
  • During the first days, it is advisable to sleep with the head somewhat incorporated (several pillows) to reduce inflammation. We will prescribe medication to help you in the process as well.
  • The results of a Rhinoplasty are usually very satisfactory and long-lasting, but you must bear in mind that it depends a lot on each patient and that various factors can condition the final result of the intervention.


  • For all those people who want an improvement in their appearance, or want to improve self-esteem (reduce or increase the nose, change the tip …)
  • Patients who want to reduce the nostrils.
  • Patients who want to change the angle or profile of the nose.
  • People with a wide or crooked nose.
  • Solve cases of respiratory distress immediately, even allowing chronic snoring problems to be solved.
  • In the event of injury or accident, rhinoplasty allows the affected area to be completely rebuilt.
  • Correct a congenital defect or injury.

Age is important and we must take it into account. Normally a Rhinoplasty is not performed until the age of 14 or 15 in the case of girls, even one more in the case of boys.

Therefore, the ideal candidates to undergo rhinoplasty are those women or men concerned about the facial appearance that gives them some of the characteristics of their nose. It can also be due to the loss of elasticity of the skin in older people where the tip of the nose can suffer a fall, a situation that is associated with facial aging.

More information on rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the surgical intervention that is used to correct aesthetic problems of the nose, such as the bone that protrudes from the back of the nose, called the bone hump, the deviations of the nose or congenital malformations of the patient.

What the intervention includes

  • First consultation
  • Intervention (surgeon, anesthetist, assistants, instrumentalists)
  • One night Hospital stay.
  • Controls and immediate post-surgical cures, reviews for a year

Causes that require a rhinoplasty

The origin of the defects in the nose can be very varied. Many cases are due to genetic causes, inherited from parents to children. Also due to genetic causes, racial characteristics are usually found; “Asian”, “Negroid”, “Semitic”, “Caucasian” noses, and other combinations are frequent and recognizable. Outside of genetic aspects, a very frequent cause is that derived from trauma; whether they are recent or old, they usually affect the proper bones and the nasal septum. Scars and burns can also cause deformations in the nose and require a Lahore rhinoplasty. Other less frequent causes are congenital malformations; cleft lips or vascular, bone, skin tumors, etc. All of them can seriously alter the nasal pyramid and require plastic reconstruction surgery.

The objective of the intervention. 

The objective at the Dr. Amin Clinic is to restore the patient’s facial harmony through the nose, following the features of the face, seeking the most natural result.

A well-performed surgery can be very beneficial for the patient’s self-esteem, helping to improve psychological and social aspects. Trusting prestigious plastic surgeons is a guarantee for good results.

When there are deviations of the septum (septum) with difficulty for the passage of air, a septoplasty is performed, either in an isolated surgical act or in conjunction with the surgical procedure.

Rhinoplasty Surgery after Results

  • In the days after the Rhinoplasty procedure, the face may appear swollen and bruised, but the appearance will improve day by day and the discomfort will decrease.
  • In about 1 or 2 weeks you will no longer notice that you have had an intervention.
  • The improvement will be progressive and gradual, but a minimum of swelling, especially at the tip, can be maintained for several months. The final results can be seen in approximately 1 year.

Rhinoplasty Types

Closed Rhinoplasty

It is the one that is carried out through incisions inside the nose through the nostrils. Closed Rhinoplasty is the most frequent.

Open Rhinoplasty

This requires surgery in which we must remove the skin and superficial tissues of the nose in order to operate. Especially used in those cases in which the patient requires touch-ups or corrections of previous interventions.

Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

It is that Rhinoplasty is performed for purely aesthetic purposes, such as correcting any deviation, etc …

Functional Rhinoplasty

It is that nose operation that is performed for functional purposes, in those cases in which the patient does not breathe well through the nose. (Septoplasty or Septorinoplasty)

Reconstructing And Repairing Rhinoplasty

Reconstructive: it is carried out in patients who have tissue loss, caused by trauma or injury.

Reconstructive: Shaping the tissues to rebuild the nose.

Rhinoplasty In Oriental And Color Patients

More and more Asians are turning to surgery to get a face with western features, especially Rhinoplasty.

  • Rhinoplasty in Asian patients requires additional grafts in order to strengthen the nasal tips, thus providing better definition and adequate projection.
  • People of African origin are sometimes not satisfied with the shape of their nose. In these cases, patients usually require a reduction of the base of the nose and nostrils, along with an increase in the nasal bridge.

Rhinoplasty faq

What is the Rhinoplasty operation?

The improvement of the back, performed through osteotomies, aims to achieve an aesthetic or functional improvement of the nose, hence it is a surgery based on detail, precision, and mastery of the surgeon, in which millimeter modifications are the key to success in the end result.

Whatever the technique and the approach used, open or closed, when it comes to varying the morphology of the nasal septum, modifying the back or filing it, the bone must be fractured to subsequently correct its shape and trajectory.

The classic operation is carried out with a surgical tool known as an osteotome, with which the bone is broken by percussion after making an incision of 1 or 2 millimeters in the nostrils, which do not require stitches and close themselves.

The difficulty of rhinoplasty is that sometimes there is a risk that when making the incision with the osteotome, the bone will fracture incorrectly, due to an unexpected area. This risk is solved with practice and expertise from the hands of the expert. The more rhinoplasties you have performed, the lower the pitfall.

The duration is about 90 minutes, requires general or local anesthesia with sedation, and is performed on an outpatient basis or hospital admission of 24 hours. After the intervention, depending on the touch-up that has been carried out – when the nasal septum has been straightened (which is called septoplasty in medical terms) practically always – it may be necessary to wear a splint and nasal plugs for a few days. The definitive results are seen between 6 and 12 of the operation.

Nasal Reconstructive Surgery

Nasal reconstructive surgery or nose reconstructive surgery is done to remove skin  Cancer or nose tip. All this kind of procedure is done by facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon at his clinic.

Local Flap: Suck kind of reconstructive surgery is done with Local flap by using available skin near or on the nose side:

Skin graft:  In this procedure facial reconstructive surgeon take the skin from another area of the body instead of the nose. This treatment is done when nose missing skin is too large

Staged procedure:  During this treatment plastic surgeon takes extra or stretched skin from the forehead. Such treatment is done in multi-stages

Rhinoplasty at Cosmoplast Lahore

If you are interested or need a Rhinoplasty treatment, you can contact Face Clinic in Lahore and our professionals will assess your case to offer you a treatment plan.

We remind you that in addition to requesting an appointment at your closest clinic, you can request a video consultation without obligation without leaving home.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost in Lahore Pakistan

When asked “how much does a rhinoplasty cost in Lahore Pakistan”, we can say that Dr. Amin Rhinoplasty surgeon offers a price for rhinoplasty in Lahore Pakistan of Rs: 125,000 To  225,000 full package including all kind of another expanse.

Rhinoplasty Lahore

Thanks to the avant-garde treatments characterized by the Dr. Amin Clinic for Rhinoplasty Lahore, we are experts in performing rhinoplasty, correcting nasal septum defects, contact us with any questions.

Note: Results of Rhinoplasty vary from Patients to Patients.

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