in this article we will discus about Puffy nipple reduction and breast fat removal surgery   Surgeon extract excess fat with liposuction, and remove gland with incision. To chieve younger athletic breast Gynecomastia surgery (puffy nipple reduction? is the best sloution- If you are worried about results and cost Dr Amin Yousaf offer affordable Puffy Nipples reduction Cost Lahore Pakistan

Gynecomastia can make one or some time both nipple puffy. Male breast nipple become puffy due to hormonal imbalance, some overweight, at early age or may be genetics. In Pakistan puffy nipple male percentage is between 40% and 60%.  To bring back in normal shape Cosmetic surgery like gynecomastia surgery is the most effective solve

What are Puffy Nipples?

Due to hormonal changes male breast swell which cause of puffy nipples that is signs of Gynecomastia. This disorder of  harmones effect mammary glands and enlarge the breast specific are in men. Puffy nipple appears in male when lower levels of testosterone produced in their body.

In short we can say puffy nipple or nipple swelling is first stage of Gynecomastia. Male breast become feminine in shape. Mostly this appear after 30years

Safety for puffy nipple:

The Puffy nipple reduction surgery done under local anesthesia.

Puffy Nipples Reduction Cost in Lahore:

Average cost for a standard gynecomastia in Pakistan or Puffy nipples starts from 75,000 PKR onward.  Puffy nipple or gland removal during gynecomastia surgery is less then 60 minute procedure. It is very easy, it is very safe surgery and no need to stay at hospital.

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The Gynecomsatia surgery procedure hardly lasts 1 hours to 3 hours. Nipple reduction surgery cost in Lahore Pakistan is very low, as compared to other city of Pakistan. You can go back the same day after the surgery.