Looking Piezoelectric Rhinoplasty in lahore. In our Rhinoplasty clinic, specialized in plastic, cosmetic and restorative surgery Dr Amin Yousaf best nose plastic surgeon offer Piezoelectric Rhinoplasty in lahore Pakistan at best Results , we have the most innovative technology for cosmetic nose surgery.

What is Piezoelectric Rhinoplasty?

The Piezoelectric Rhinoplasty is the most advanced technique in rhinoplasty. With the use of a special piezoelectric scalpel , greater precision in bone remodeling is achieved , as well as less trauma . All this translates into a faster recovery, a substantial reduction in bruises, edema, swelling or bruises , as well as more stable results .

The Piezoelectric bone surgery was initially used for maxillofacial surgeons. Later, it was extended to many other specialties, due to its great clinical benefits in facial surgery.

It involves the definitive abandonment of the classic “chisel and hammer” for an atraumatic and high precision instrument that reduces postoperative time.

Advantages of Piezoelectric Rhinoplasty

The Piezoelectric rhinoplasty is a technique that changes the paradigm of how to remodel the nasal bones . This technique offers us the following advantages :

Gentle and less traumatic procedure than traditional rhinoplasty, with stable results over time.

Precise reshaping of the bone : It allows the correction of defects (very hard, very wide or voluptuous nose), without the appearance of uncontrolled fractures, even in thin, fragile or unstable bones. This precision in bone remodeling is achieved thanks to the most technologically advanced instruments of the moment. Completely abandoning the “hammer and chisel”.

Faster recovery : This allows a quick incorporation into social life, with a substantial reduction of bruises and swelling that appear in the postoperative period, the main drawback of traditional rhinoplasty.

More natural results : Due to the precision offered by the special piezoelectric scalpel, with which nasal shape and function are optimized.

Piezoelectric rhinoplasty gives the surgeon the following advantages during the operation:

SAFETY: Thanks to the possibility of selective remodeling, modifying only the bone, while preserving the rest of the tissues. The bone is worked exclusively, avoiding collateral damage to the fragile nearby structures, responsible for the appearance of the classic postoperative bruises.

PRECISION: The surgery is performed under direct vision of the area , thanks to which greater precision and detail is achieved . Bone remodeling is precise, cell regeneration is optimized and healing is of high quality.

Disadvantages of traditional rhinoplasty:

The Cosmoplast clinic of Dr. Amin Yousaf pioneer in Piezoelectric Rhinoplasty in Pakistan

At Dr. AminYousaf Piezoelectric Rhinoplasty clinic in Lahore we are at the forefront of cosmetic and restorative surgery techniques . For this reason, in our clinic we have been pioneers in the implantation of Piezoelectric Rhinoplasty in Lahore Pakistan . A technique used only by the best plastic surgeons in the world, such as Dr Amin , internationally recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons expert in rhinoplasty, who performs ultrasonic rhinoplasty in his Clinic in Lahore

The Dr. Amin Yousaf Best Nose Plastic surgeon in Lahore , as a member of the board of the Pakistan Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ( PECEP ) , is the day of the advances in plastic surgery and used their work to offer its customers the best results.

Personalized study and computer simulation:

At Dr. Amin Yousaf Rhinoplasty clinic we conduct a comprehensive study of the patient before he undergoes an Piezoelectric rhinoplasty. This study includes the simulation through the use of computer technologies , of the result that we are going to obtain with Piezoelectric rhinoplasty.

The patient will be able to visualize different types of results thanks to a specialized rhinoplasty simulation program . The plastic surgeon will take some high-quality photos in the consultation and by entering a series of parameters in the simulator, he will be able to modify the different parts of the nose that he wishes to correct. Thus, the patient and surgeon , will discuss the modifications and displayed the objective result of our intervention.