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The otoplasty (ears operation) is an operation that is to change the shape or position of the ears. In most cases, it involves sticking the blow ears together. if You want to get otoplasty Lahore or Ear reshaping surgery from Dr. Amin at cosmosplast then visit our clinic in johar town. Detached ears (also called “Helix valgus” is a congenital (birth) disorder, which is observed from a young age. The experience in carrying out this technique over many years and a multitude of studies assure us that it is a safe intervention with very good results. We are your Otoplasty surgery clinic – Ear surgery in Lahore, with the most prestigious Otoplasty plastic surgeons – Ear surgery and the most advanced equipment.

Otoplasty Lahore | Ear Reshaping surgery | Best Ear Surgery | Pakistan

The First Consultation For Ear Surgery

In the first consultation with Dr. Amin’s ear surgeon, you will be able to know first-hand the details of the procedure. Most of the otoplasty cases are simple and consist of shaping the fold of the ear (antihelix) and gluing the ears so that they are in a natural position. Using a mirror, Dr. Amin will simulate the effect of positioning your closest ears so that you can see if it is the effect you are looking for.

Dr. Amin Otoplasty Surgeon will make a personalized recommendation according to your tastes, but always putting naturalness and safety first. We will never offer you an artificial result, or one that seems operated. Our absolute priority and achieve beauty with results that seem 100% natural.

At what age should otoplasty be performed?

In the case of children, whose appearance is causing psychological damage, corrective surgery is indicated from the school-age (approximately 6 years), and a child psychological or psychiatric study must be done previously, to establish their potential benefit. If the child has not had social or school problems, it is recommended to wait.

Am I a good candidate for Otoplasty?

An ideal patient will be the one who wants to improve the appearance of the ears (pinnae), be clear about what he wants to change about them, and seek to harmonize the ears with the rest of the face.

Sometimes the ears have more problems than just sticking them to the head. For example, Asymmetry is frequent, that is, one ear is much more detached than the other or has a different shape.

This complicates the intervention, since achieving absolute symmetry is frequently impossible, but in almost all cases it is possible to leave a very similar appearance between them.

Our Ear Surgery Technique

We use a less invasive and faster recovery technique than classic procedures. Through an incision that is hidden in the back of the ear (and therefore virtually invisible), we access the cartilage, the true structure that creates the problem.

At this time a cartilaginous file is performed, that is, the cartilage in the area where it has to be folded (called the anthelix) is weakened. Subsequently, a suture (internal stitches) is made in the area of ​​the fold mentioned and in the area of ​​the shell.

In this way we achieve three objectives:

  • Cartilage weakens to give it the proper shape.
  • The antehélix is ​​folded using stitches to bring the top of the ear to its natural place.
  • The shell is sutured to the mastoid so that the entire ear rotates backward.

After the intervention

It is expected that you have some discomfort in the first 2-5 days after the intervention. In most cases, you can return to work within 1-3 days.

Some bruises may appear on the ears, and they will be inflamed, artificially shaped, and VERY STICKY. Experience shows that in all cases, the ears tend to separate a few millimeters in the first months after the operation. Therefore, if you notice the first days that the ears are too close, it is that we have done a good job since when they separate a little after 2-3 months the result will be optimal.

During the first days, it is advisable to sleep with the head somewhat incorporated (several pillows) to reduce inflammation. We will prescribe medication to help you in the process as well.

It is essential to know that you must wear a TAPE to keep your ears glued on, during the first 3-4 weeks (24 hours a day). The Ribbon is a garment that can be found in any accessory shop, generally used to collect hair. We will advise you on this matter in consultation.

The points of the skin, which are on the back of the ear, fall off on their own. You just have to maintain good hygiene in the area with the recommendations that we will make to you.

Otoplasty Cost in Lahore

Otoplasty cost in Lahore is in range of Rs: 65000 To 85000, This cost in clued all kinds of expanse, like stay in the clinic, all kinds of blood tests, a medicine used during the operation, theater fee, doctor fee, and nursing staff cost. Dark circles surgery is one of the most requested surgical treatments by both men and women, along with Rhinoplasty. With otoplasty, you can correct the separated ears or blow ears to feel more comfortable with your image. You can find out the details of the treatment at Cosmoplast Lahore, Book Your consultation now for otoplasty Lahore

Frequently asked questions about the Otoplasty procedure at the 

  • What is an otoplasty?
  • What reasons are there to intervene?
  • What is an ear operation?
  • What types of otoplasties are performed?
  • For whom is it recommended?
  • How is the recovery?
  • What risks does it have?

What is an ear operation or otoplasty?

An otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery operation that resolves deformities or corrects the shape, size and angle of the ears.

The ear operation is a simple and short intervention for aesthetic purposes. It can have different objectives or types of intervention, depending on the characteristics of each patient. An otoplasty can correct both prominence, loop ears or blow ears, as well as correct cup ears or congenital deformations, ears damaged by trauma or reduce large ears.

Request a free appointment at Cosmoplast, the best plastic surgeons will attend you so that you can show off the perfect ears that you have always wanted to have. At Cosmoplast we are experts in ear surgeries and we have extensive experience. The satisfaction of our clients is our best argument to explain why we have remained a benchmark in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Spain for more than four decades.

What are the most common reasons to perform an ear operation or otoplasty?

The most common reasons for wanting to have an ear operation or otoplasty are related to discomfort caused by the size, shape or angle of our ears. The reason that the ears are deformed or too large may have its origin in a congenital defect or due to injury.

An otoplasty is indicated for any of these problems related to the aesthetics of your ears and can be performed at any age, once the ears have reached their final size (generally, around 5 years of age).

If you have ear problems such as complexes, discomfort, or embarrassment, you feel singled out or in the limelight because:

  • You have your ears apart, they stick out too much, in a loop or from a blow;
  • Your ears are too big in relation to the size of your head;
  • You have suffered an accident, trauma or injury that has partially or totally affected the aesthetics of your ear / s and you need a reconstruction;
  • You have a deformation, pointed ears or undeveloped small ears;
  • You are not satisfied with a poorly performed previous surgery;

At Cosmoplast we offer you the possibility of solving each and every one of the problems previously described with otoplasties performed by expert and experienced surgeons.

What is an ear operation or otoplasty?

An ear operation or otoplasty is a surgical intervention performed in the operating room that consists of removing excess cartilage and harmoniously rebuilding its shape so that they are proportionate to the size of your head.

The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia and usually lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour and a half (depending on the specific problem presented by the patient).

An otoplasty corrects the position, size or angle of the ear, giving it a natural and proportionate shape with your face and leaves hardly any visible mark (it is imperceptible behind the ear).

Request a free appointment with our plastic surgeons, on your first visit they will evaluate your case, recommending the most appropriate technique to get the ears you want and providing you with prior information of interest to keep in mind before surgery. A complete medical examination will also be carried out in order to know your state of health and, once the objectives and the steps to be taken have been defined, the intervention and the recovery period will be scheduled.

Once the operation is finished, the surgeon will put on a bandage that will protect your ears for the next 3 or 4 days, after which it is removed and replaced by an elastic tape. This is to be worn permanently for the first week and to sleep for a month. Before a week after the intervention, the patient can lead a normal life, as long as he avoids making efforts, hitting, and exposing himself to the sun for the next 5 months.

What types of ear surgery or otoplasties are performed?

There are different procedures and techniques to modify or correct the shape, size, and angle of an otoplasty. Depending on the type of intervention that the patient demands, these can be:

Otoplasties for reduction of large ears;

Otoplasty correction of separate ears (intervention of blowing ears);

Reconstructive Otoplasties (complex reconstructions of congenital malformations, such as microtia, earless ears, and deformed ears).

If you decide to have an otoplasty at Cosmoplast, request an appointment with our surgeon to personally evaluate your case. In this way, he will know and value your own characteristics and variabilities and will design the ideal procedure and techniques for you to achieve the perfect ears that you so desire. In addition, at Cosmoplast we will advise you, guide you, and explain the entire process so that you can solve your doubts, schedule times, and have a budget tailored to you.

For whom is an ear operation recommended?

A good candidate for an ear operation or otoplasty is any person with an aesthetic problem in their ears that is motivated by consolidated personal desires and without health problems that interfere with the intervention and subsequent recovery.

Barragán Clinic takes care of all the details that can improve the care and quality of our interventions. For this, we have a team of psychologists who are in charge of caring for and guaranteeing the quality, safety, and full satisfaction of our clients before, during, and after the operation, solving common problems such as the stress experienced in a intervention, especially when modifying the patient’s image.

If you need advice because you have doubts about the intervention, its planning, its risks or the times in which the recovery is divided, call us and request an appointment with our surgeons, more than four decades of experience guarantee us.

How is the recovery from an otoplasty?

Recovery from otoplasty is short and you will be able to go home when the procedure is over.

After only 3-4 days you will be able to live a normal life and, within a week, go back to work. You will only have to wear a bandage for the first 3 days. When your doctor removes them, your ears may be red and swollen. To protect them, the surgeon will provide you with a tape that you will have to use for the first week permanently. After the first week, you will notice much improvement. And, after 15 days, you will be able to show off the ears you wanted so much, without discomfort and forever.

At Cosmoplast we will assist you so that you have a controlled and satisfactory postoperative period. Your surgeon will evaluate the results during the next dates, scheduling periodic visits in order to check the condition of your ears, as well as to resolve any doubts or unforeseen events you may have during your recovery.


Otoplasty treatment has a number of advantages over other similar ones. Apart from its important benefits and satisfactory results, this treatment is very safe, being carried out with the application of local anesthesia. The results are perceived immediately, achieving totally natural effects in which the incisions made are not perceived since surgeons make them in strategic areas so that they go unnoticed.

What are the risks of having an ear Surgery?

The risks related to otoplasties focus on bleeding, infections or the use of anesthesia.

  • The interventions are performed under the hands of experienced surgeons in operating rooms that comply with the strictest safety regulations to prevent infections, complications, or infections.
  • All the material in our center is for single use and is disposed of safely after each intervention.
  • Anesthesia is performed by a certified anesthetist with more than 20 years of experience, assisted by modern anesthesia systems that monitor the constants required for complete patient control.
  • If you are thinking of having an otoplasty, at Cosmoplast you will find the latest advances in equipment and instruments, a team of surgeons and nurses with experience, prestige and professionalism, and such satisfactory results that will exceed your expectations.

Contact us, make an appointment, and put yourself in the best hands to get the figure you want so much for otoplasty Lahore

Otoplasty Lahore | Ear Reshaping surgery | Best Ear Surgery | Pakistan

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