Otoplasty is a Cosmetic surgery treatment that reshapes your ears to give it a more aesthetic shape-For reposition of popped ears this surgery is strongly recommended by society of plastic Suregeons the worlds- Therefore, Ear Reshaping Surgery allows our patient to give their ears a more appropriate and good looking shape and even when it comes to large ears, reduce their size or redefine their lobe. For more information regarding Otoplasty in Lahore Pakistan call to our surgeon or visit our clinic-

Large, prominent or separated ears are one of the most frequent reasons for aesthetic surgery consultation. Its exaggerated and indiscreet appearance can cause complexes from an early age that can carry over to adulthood, interfering with self-esteem and hindering social relationships. Otoplasty is a surgical intervention indicated for improving the appearance of the ears, and for repositioning protruding ears (“popping”) or excessively large to a more normal position and in accordance with the rest of the body. Through this surgery, an improvement is achieved in the harmony and proportion of the ears with the head in general, embellishing the physical appearance of the patient.

Parents are advised to observe their children’s behavior at all times and not to insist on surgery until the child requests it.

Types of otoplasty

There are many existing techniques or methods that we can apply for the aesthetic or reconstructive treatment of the ears. Just as in other operations it could be considered which technique is the best, in the case of otoplasty each one solves different characteristics of the ear. Therefore, the plastic surgeon will be in charge of applying the method that best suits the needs of each patient.

Molded with splints: Ideal for treating certain anomalies of the ear during the first weeks of life. Casting with splints is totally ambulatory and does not require anesthesia.

Chongchet technique: This method is ideal for correcting excess atrial projection. It proceeds by approaching the auricular cartilage from the front or from behind, and carving it in such a way that the ears adopt a more adequate shape.

Mustarde Technique: Correction of the ears through the use of permanent suture points anchored to the back of the pavilion, maintaining the desired shape.

These techniques can even be combined with each other or add other surgical steps to correct specific problems (constricted ears, “flat” ears…) We always carry out a prior analysis of the needs of each specific patient.

In addition to the aforementioned otoplasty techniques, there is a minimally invasive technique for correcting protruding ears known as Earfold. Indicated to treat protruding ears without the need to undergo surgery and in just 20-40 minutes. More information .

Otoplasty – Ear Surgery

Otoplasty usually lasts 2 to 3 hours, although in more complex cases this intervention may take longer than estimated.

Depending on the needs of the patient, we will use one method or another, the Chongchet or Mustardé technique .

In one, the excess projection is corrected by approaching the ear cartilage from the front and back and “carving” the cartilage to achieve a more adequate shape. In the second type, shape correction is achieved by permanent stitches that are anchored to the back of the pavilion and maintain the desired shape.

When the auricular cartilage is very firm (adolescents, adults) we use a combination of both techniques, weakening the cartilage in the anterior part to make it easier to fold, and we even make the shell smaller by removing a small crescent of cartilage.

Both procedures are outpatient, allowing the patient to return home in just a few hours.


Patients usually leave the hospital within a few hours of the intervention. Even if they are children and have been under general anesthesia, they usually recover quickly and can go home the same day.

After surgery, a bandage is placed around the patient’s head. In a few days, this bandage will be replaced by one similar to a headband, which is lighter and more comfortable and will help maintain the position and protect the ears during the healing period.

The ears may bother or hurt during the first few days, pain that will be easily relieved with the medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon.

With the exception of sport or physical exercise, the person can return to normal activities in a few days.

Risks of otoplasty

Ear surgery rarely presents complications and the existing ones are of little importance. However, like any intervention there are risks.

A small percentage of patients may present a hematoma in the treated area; and occasionally an infection can occur in the cartilage, whose treatment will consist of the administration of antibiotics

Otoplasty –Ear Surgery Cost in Lahore Pakistan

How much does an otoplasty cost in Lahore Pakistan? It is the most frequent question that we are usually asked. The truth is that giving an exact price is practically impossible, because it depends on the characteristics of each patient. However, in a flexible price range, the operation would oscillate between PKR 175,000 and PKR 325,000 .

The price of otoplasty includes:

Otoplasty Surgeon in Lahore Pakistan

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