Nose Reshaping Surgery in Lahore

Nose Reshaping Surgery is known as Rhinoplasty/ nose job. Basically rhinoplasty is for modifying the nose bone and cartilage. Rhinoplasty is a surgical Procedure. Dr Amin Yousaf offer this surgery to reshape your nose. He done nose reshaping surgery in Lahore for those candidate which having irregular and damaged nose. Sometime septum rhinoplasty both are done for sinus problems.

Which specialty Surgeon can do Rhinoplasty?

Nose Surgery may be performed by:

  • Qualified Plastic Surgeon for Rhinoplasty
  • Well trained Experience Facial Cosmetic Surgeon
  • A Specialized otolaryngologists Surgeon (ENT) Ear-Nose-Throat Doctor
  • Temporary Nose Swelling Occurs
  • Little bit Bruising under the eyes
  • Bleeding can be face after surgery
  • Infection can be found
  • Nasal septum may be effected

In Pakistan Success rate of Rhinoplasty are about 90% But complications related to Nose surgery are present and which occur. Starts from first step which is reactions to anaesthesia, Sometime after rhinoplasty infection occurs and in some case nose start to bleed. In 5% percent Rhinoplasty Patient face recurring numbness and about 3% patient nosebleed issue occur. 10% Ratio of those Rhinoplasty patient who having Perforated e nasal septum. Experience surgeon can reduce all complication related to Rhinoplasty.  Overall, we can say Nose Reshaping Surgery in Lahore is one of safest treatment in Pakistan considered a safe procedure.

After the Nose reshaping surgery must follow the aftercare instruction of the Plastic Surgeon till complete nose healing occur.

First 10 days are little bit difficult do to swelling, after a week you can go to your normal activities, But you have to take complete care of your nose and follow instructions which are?

  • Put Your head in upwards side
  • To Avoid infection clean your nose daily
  • Swelling last 6 week so Use pain killer
  • Try to avoid sneezing
  • Avoid blowing your nose
  • Avoid arduous Sport activities like jogging and jumping.
  • First Ten days you can just take bath not shower

Dr Amin Yousaf offer different technique for nose surgery, most he performed Rhinoplasty in Lahore with two different methods no-1 method is Open rhinoplasty and No-2 Method is closed Rhinoplasty. At First consultation Dr Amin Yousaf suggest you best method of surgery which depends Depending on your Nose condition, Your Desire nose results and body anatomy.

Rhinoplasty in Pakistan is cheaper as compare to most of the countries in Asia and from Europe. Main Reason is workforce charges are too low. In Pakistan common man life is much cheap. In Pakistan Lower price does not change the quality of work that you will get

  • Facial cosmetic Surgeon fee
  • Hospital /clinic Admission Charges
  • Patient age
  • Area / type of Clinic / hospital
  • One Day Room for stay that you opted
  • Post-surgical Check up
  • Type of Rhinoplasty surgery
  • Tests needed Before rhinoplasty such as X-ray, ECG, etc

Average Rhinoplasty cost in Pakistan – Rs. 225000 onwards (exclusive of taxes)

Nose Reshaping Surgery is best for those candidate who are not happy with their nose shape

  • Are above 18 years of age
  • Have a facial growth that is complete
  • Are physically healthy
  • Do not smoke or use nicotine-based products
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Have nasal imperfections
  • Suffer from breathing issues
  • Nose Reshaping surgery is not suitable for following Candidate:
  • Candidate having blood Clotting issue
  • Diabetes disorder
  • Hypertension Problem
  • Cardiac issue
  • Rhinoplasty is not suitable for those who having Bleeding disorders

At Dr Amin Yousaf Clinic in Lahore Complete Nose Reshaping Surgery may take minimum about 2-3 hours

Estimated swelling Recovery after Nose Surgery is about 1 to 2 weeks, Major Services takes more than 2 weeks it also depends on the Nose Condition and patient health condition.

According to Aesthetic Society of Pakistan different factors may involve to determine the success rate of Nose Reshaping Surgery – Rhinoplasty in Pakistan and which they are:

  • Facial Surgeon Training & Experience
  • Patient Medical health Condition and Age
  • Which type of Rhinoplasty treatment adopted
  • However, the success rate of Nose Reshapng Surgery -Rhinoplasty in Pakistan is upto 40% to 65%

Rhinoplasty surgery is safe treatment due to anesthetic effect candidate does not feel any pain or other issue.

Rhinoplasty – Nose surgery:  Reshape the nose permanently or for whole life, this surgery is done by nose bone and nose cartilage modification

Alternatives for Rhinoplasty- Nose Reshaping Surgery are:

  • Nose lifters
  • Nose fillers