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Rhinoplasty without surgery. What does it consist of?

Rhinomodeling or rhinoplasty without surgery consists of the aesthetic remodeling of the nose using injected filler materials. Especially hyaluronic acid of different densities. visit our clinic to get more detail about non surgical rhinoplasty in pakistan,  Rhinoplasty without surgery. What does it consist of?

Thanks to these fillers, we can shape and modify some nasal proportions to make them more attractive to the eye.

It is not a true rhinoplasty or rhinoseptoplasty, since the only thing we modify is its external appearance. At no time can we solve respiratory or functional problems

For whom would it be indicated? What can we improve?

As we have mentioned, rhinomodeling with hyaluronic acid can modify the nose by adding volume in certain areas to alter the proportions. Dr Amin is best surgeon for non surgical rhinoplasty in Pakistan

Thus, we can add volume in the radix (or high part of the nose) to disguise the dorsal hump or trestle; at the nasal tip, to give it projection and definition; and in the columella area, to simulate a superior rotation of the nasal tip.

We can also correct small filling defects, small steps or subsidence from birth or caused after a previous rhinoplasty. As long as there is good osteocartilaginous support underneath.

The ideal cases would be patients with a nose of not very large dimensions with any of the following characteristics:

  • Dorsal hump not very prominent or moderate
  • Tip slightly dropped, with lack of projection or columella retracted.

What things can’t we correct?

In no case can we improve a functional problem or a respiratory problem. These conditions can only be improved with a rhinoseptoplasty . Nor can we modify the deviations of the nasal pyramid or an excessive width.

As what we do is add volume, it would not be indicated in patients with a very large “large nose”, or with a large dorsal hump … What they need is a reduction in nasal volumes.

However, even in some of these non-ideal cases, we can achieve some improvement in appearance if the patient never plans to undergo surgery and accepts the limitations of the treatment.

How long does rhinomodeling with hyaluronic acid last and what is its price?

The duration of treatment depends on the product used and its reabsorption rate. We only work with the highest quality hyaluronic acid (Allergan) since other non-absorbable materials can be a big problem in the long term and practically impossible to eliminate.

The duration would be around 1-2 years, although the product begins to be reabsorbed since we put it, so it may be necessary a small touch-up after months.

The price also depends on the amount of product we need and the number of sessions. The cost is from Rs 125000

Can I go back to the treatment or perform a rhinoplasty later?

The treatment can be carried out as many times as the patient wishes over time if no complications appear. Chances are that with a little touch-up after a few months we can continue to maintain the desired shape for a long time. Dr Amin performed more then 200 non surgical rhinoplasty in Pakistan in last year 2020

In case we finally want to perform a rhinoseptoplasty, there would be no problem either. It is true that repeated treatments could cause a certain degree of fibrosis and make surgery a bit more difficult. But this should not be a problem for an experienced surgeon. Ideally, allow sufficient time for the previously injected product to be reabsorbed.

Are there complications in rhinomodeling with hyaluronic acid?

Of course, like any other procedure it can have complications.

Complications such as small bruises, inflammation, redness (especially from the tip) or pain during the first days are common, but well tolerated.

We also have more serious or important complications, although luckily they are extremely rare. They are generally derived from injection into the arterial blood vessels of the product … That would obstruct them and could generate ischemia of distal tissues, even leading to necrosis and ulcers on the skin. A correct injection technique should practically completely reduce this possibility.

In general and in the hands of a good professional, these are procedures with a very low complication rate, beyond those mentioned at the beginning.

How long does it take to perform the procedure? It is painful?

The procedure takes approximately 15 minutes and except for the initial puncture with a Botox-type needle, the rest of the procedure is usually very well tolerated, since the injected products have built-in anesthesia.

If we have to fill in an area a lot, we may need another session, so as not to cause excessive stretching and excessive pressure on the skin.

What care do I have to have afterwards?

We recommend applying local cold during the hours following application and rest with the headboard raised. Avoid efforts and intense exercise that can increase inflammation the first few days. We also indicate anti-inflammatory drugs in this period.

As a rule we will avoid the use of glasses or elements that rest on the injected areas for a few days, and we will sleep facing the front

Is it definitely a procedure for me?

The best way to answer this question is to make an assessment in consultation and based on realistic objectives, advise you on the best treatment. Book your consultation now for non surgical rhinoplasty in Pakistan

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