Non Surgical Rhinoplasty in Lahore

Liquid Rhinoplasty: Get Desired Shape With Non Surgical Nose Job, Note: The author of this Article is Dr. Amin Yousaf. He is an Pakistani board-certified plastic & cosmetic and Nose Surgeon in Pakistan. 

  • New Look in 15 Minutes With Liquid Rhinoplasty.”
  • Are you losing confidence because of the nose?
  • Do you want a beautiful nose in harmony with your face?
  • Are you fearing a permanent surgical procedure like rhinoplasty?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure to change nasal shape with few small needle pricks without surgery. You can correct mild nasal imperfections instantly, tension free. Non- surgical rhinoplasty is also called the lunchtime nose job or liquid

There is the various modality of nonsurgical rhinoplasty. A proper combination of procedure and meticulous execution is essential to give you miraculous change in 15 minutes. Expert rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Amin Yousaf offers a mix of the various modalities of non-surgical rhinoplasty as well as surgical rhinoplasty under one roof.


Gynecomastia surgery cost in government hospital- male breast reduction treament

The Chest reduction surgery in men or Male. During gynecomastia mostly both male chest are effect and need to b symmetrical with respect to nipple. If one side of male breast is effect but must correct both side for proper shape and look.  Gynecomastia Surgery is not a pain full procedure, anesthesia is given to specific area. 

Breast cancer ratio is very minimal in male having gynecomastia, Some time one side effected or consider such issues 

  • Reduce Male Chest size as results improvement in confidnace and health, chest fat removed by liposuciton
  • After Liposuction Chest Reshape and become as a normal chest
  • Tonality and tautness created in chest
  • After Gynecomastia your chest become perfect in look
  • During gynecomastia surgery permanent gland is removed 
  • During Male Breast Reduction Surgery is a single day treatment
  • Male chest gland through incisions
  • Large male chest Reshaping the chest by trimming and texturing the excess skin
  • Disposable sutur are used during gynecomastia no need to remve
  • 1 day rest
  • After 30 days can join for jim or exercise
  • Get knowledge about gynecomastia Surgery Complete proceudre?
  • Main causes Gynecomastia or Male breast?
  • Have You any Symptoms Gyneco?
  • Consult to Plastic Ssurgeon?
  • What are Best Solution?
  • Health conditions of Patients?
  • Major risk factors during and after surgery?
  • How to Prevent from Gynecomastia at young age?
  • How much cost of Gynecomastia surgery in private Hospital?
  • Type of Anestheisa for gynecomastia surgery?
  • Benefits after gynecomastia surgery From Dr Amin Yousaf?
  • Experience of Surgeon for best Results after gynecomastia Surgery?
  • Types and Grade of the gynecomastia?