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Gynecomastia is the excess volume of the breasts in men. This can occur from an increase in fatty tissue due to being overweight or from excess glandular tissue. This usually negatively affects the patient’s self-esteem. With this intervention, it is possible to effectively reduce breast volume with permanent results. We are your clinic for male gynecomastia surgery in Lahore, with the most prestigious gynecomastia plastic surgeons (excessive growth of the breast in men) and the most advanced equipment.

✓ Improves appearance and body proportion.

✓ Eliminates excess breast tissue.

✓ It is a very safe technique.

✓ Increase self-esteem.

Gynecomastia Definition?

Gynecomastia is the excess volume of the breasts in men that is usually caused by hormonal changes. It can affect one breast or both. This excess breast can be due to both the glandular component and the fatty tissue. Due to hormonal changes in adolescence it is common and can be corrected spontaneously.  Usually we use liposuction as a surgical technique.

Male breast reduction – Dr. Amin best gynecomastia doctor Lahore

In most cases we can achieve aspiration of the mammary fat and part of the glandular tissue if it is not very abundant.

If the gynecomastia component has a lot of glandular components, partial removal of the breast (partial glandulectomy) should be associated with liposuction. An incision in the lower half of the areola is usually sufficient. A small gland pill should be left under the areola, sinking or irregularities in the area.

What advantages does gynecomastia provide?

Gynecomastia surgery by a plastic surgeon is a very safe technique that removes excess breast tissue, improving your appearance and body proportions.

Who is it recommended for?

It is recommended for men unhappy with their appearance due to excess breast tissue. It is the most frequent mammary pathology in men and can occur in all ages. It affects up to 50% of men. It usually complexes the male sex a lot.

  • Intervention time
  • The intervention lasts between 1–3 h.
  • It can be local anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia.


It can generally be done as outpatient surgery, without admission. Although in surgical cases, if a drain is placed, you can stay hospitalized for 24 hours.

Recovery and care after the intervention    

After the gynecomastia corrective intervention, some discomfort will be felt for a few days. Postoperative analgesia and antibiotics are prescribed. It will be inflamed for a few months although the initial bruises and most of them disappear in about 8-10 days. If there are sutures, they are removed about 10 days after the procedure. A compression garment must be worn for 1 month. You can do the usual activities from 2 or 3 days later. Very intense physical exercise should be avoided for 1 month, as well as exposing the operated area to the sun for at least six months.

Gynecomastia Lahore – Male Breast Surgery

Results obtained

The results of the procedure are very good and permanent. The definitive result is considered at 6 postoperative months.

As in any intervention, there is a risk of bruising or bleeding, infection, postoperative irregularities, breast asymmetry, unsightly scars and changes in sensitivity.

When the patient does not have a realistic conception of his initial state or of the possible result.

What is the Gynecomastia surgery Cost in Lahore Pakistan?

The price of gynecomastia Surgery cost in Lahore Pakistan is in  ranges from Rs: 65,000 to 9 5,000 depending on the complexity, Size of the men boobs, fat deposit in breast

Closed prices are given with all expenses included (preoperative analyzes, surgical and anesthetic medical fees, hospital, operating room, medication and postoperative reviews. Possibility of financing is offered.

Frequently asked questions about Gynecomastia- Male Breast Reduction- Men Boobs

  • What is gynecomastia?
  • What reasons are there to intervene?
  • What does it consist of?
  • For whom is it recommended?
  • How is the recovery?
  • What risks does it have?

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is an abnormal growth of the mammary gland in men.

The reasons why this pathology can be suffered are diverse, for example, the excess of prolactin in the blood or also due to the lack of estrogen metabolism of a liver with cirrhosis.

The degrees of gynecomastia are three:

Gynecomastia Grade I:  refers to the first phase, in which a growth of the breast is not yet observed very little.

Grade II:  refers to the phase in which hypertrophy of the breast is visible, as well as the increase in fat around it.

Grade III Gynecomastia:   refers to the phase of greatest growth of the breast, glandular hypertrophy, sagging, and excess skin.

we are experts in surgeries to solve gynecomastia and our vast experience is our best argument to explain the satisfaction of our clients and why we have remained a benchmark in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Spain for more than four decades.

What are the most common reasons to perform a gynecomastia operation?

Gynecomastia are one of the pathologies that increased demand for surgery causes in men, along with nose jobs and liposuction.

In most cases, gynecomastia is the result of a hormonal imbalance between androgens and estrogens, the origin of which may be genetic, tumor or after consumption of a drug (side effects). Hypertrophy of the breast is also common in men due to a simple excess of fat in one or both breasts, becoming an essentially aesthetic problem. From the age of 50, this type of gynecomastia affects practically half of men.

However, gynecomastias may indicate an underlying endocrine or tumor disease. The hormonal imbalance capable of causing gynecomastia may also be due to:

  • diseases of the thyroid gland (kidney);
  • from cirrhosis (liver);
  • tumors in the testicles and lung;
  • syndromes like Klinefelter’s;
  • Addison’s disease;
  • Steinert’s myotonic dystrophy.

The excess growth of the mammary gland in a man, therefore, is usually accompanied by complexes, leading to a lack of self-esteem, difficulties in psychosocial relationships, and, in some cases, obese patients who have had this problem since puberty.

Dr. Amin gynecomastia doctor at his clinic Cosmoplast performed surgeries for pathologies such as gynecomastia have an excellent result: patients manage to solve both their aesthetic problems and their complexes, thanks to the work of the best professionals in gynecomastia surgeries, the best care, and the most modern and best equipment market quality.


The symptoms of male gynecomastia are visibly noticeable since it is a physical problem. In general, it occurs in people who are overweight and who lead a sedentary life, as well as derived from problems of hormonal or endocrine nature, or even from the consumption of drugs, substances such as anabolic steroids or certain medications.

In general, the patient observes growth in the size of their breasts, coming to perceive a different sensation in them, even a different touch that can sometimes cause some pain and sensitivity.


Among the main causes of gynecomastia in men , one of the most important is due to hormonal changes, either for physiological reasons or due to consuming certain substances or drugs as a side effect, although it also usually occurs in obese men who lead a life sedentary. In the first case, there are mainly three phases in which this problem can develop:

In babies, due to exposure to maternal estrogens during the pregnancy phase. It usually disappears in a couple of months.

At puberty, around the age of 14, due to hormonal imbalances during male development. It also usually disappears over time.

In old age, especially motivated by decreased testosterone production.

What is gynecomastia surgery?

A gynecomastia plastic surgery intervention consists of reducing the abnormal size of the man’s chest and providing it in a defined, proportional and symmetrical way.

In the case of gynecomastia phase III breasts, great flaccidity or excess skin, the intervention is completed with a slight elevation of the chest.

Therefore, depending on whether you have glandular gynecomastia (excessive enlargement of the mammary gland), fatty gynecomastia (abnormal fat accumulation), or mixed gynecomastia (increase in both the mammary gland and fat accumulation), the type of intervention will be different:

Mastectomy: Plastic surgery intervention that removes the tissue of the mammary gland.

Liposuction: Surgery intervention that removes breast fat (more common).

The intervention, in the case of a mastectomy, consists of an incision in the areola and the subsequent extraction of the mammary gland.

In the case of liposuction, such extraction is not necessary. The intervention focuses on removing excess fat through the use of a cannula. These interventions, generally being less invasive, also have a slower recovery than that required by gynecomastia with mastectomy.

In many cases, treatments for complex gynecomastia cases are combined, where a mastectomy also requires liposuction, completely resolving severe gynecomastias.

The intervention has an average time of between one and two hours per breast. Hospitalization depends on the severity of the operation, sometimes being necessary. Anesthesia is usually general because the procedure resembles breast removal in women.

we will advise you so that you can eradicate forever the aesthetic and social problems derived from gynecomastia. Our surgeries guarantee unbeatable results that will help you overcome your complexes and the lack of self-esteem that has affected you for so long.

Our team of expert surgeons and psychologists will advise you to overcome this pathology with the maximum guarantees. Let our surgeons evaluate your case and explain the benefits of having surgery, as well as the risks and contraindications to keep in mind before having a gynecomastia operation. Solve your complexes with the best professionals and with the guarantee of the best assistance and the best equipment.

For whom is gynecomastia surgery recommended?

A good candidate for a gynecomastia intervention is any man motivated by consolidated personal wishes, family support, and without health problems that interfere with the intervention and subsequent recovery.

If you are a man with persistent and abnormally developed breasts due to a localized accumulation of fat or due to the overdevelopment of the mammary glands, either due to problems with early hormonal imbalance (puberty) or late (old age, weight gain or due to the side effects of a medication), the appearance of an underlying disease (cirrhosis, tumors, dystrophies) or genetic causes, the gynecomastia intervention at Cosmoplast Lahore is the most appropriate, safe and professional choice you can find in the market if you want to regain the natural shape of your chest.

In Cosmoplast Lahore you will be attended by the best surgeons, who have extensive experience (more than 30 years being a benchmark in the sector) and the best equipment so that deciding to perform a gynecomastia intervention with us is a 100% safe and satisfactory experience.

How is the recovery from a gynecomastia plastic surgery intervention?

The results of gynecomastia surgery are immediately visible. In addition, satisfaction will increase over time because the swelling and postoperative marks will disappear.

Once the intervention is finished, your surgeon will put on a compression bandage that minimizes the postoperative risks and increases your comfort. After 48 hours, it will provide you with an elastic belt or vest that you will use during the subsequent recovery (first month).

During the postoperative period, the medical team will provide you with a recovery protocol, with a follow-up that will last for the following months. During the first weeks, it will be essential to use the holding vest (as long as it is not indicated otherwise) and keep the intervened area clean.

After the first weeks and withdrawing the points, you can resume your normal life completely, as long as you do not carry out activities that require effort.

Healing and incision lines will improve during the first few months and the improvement will be substantial. As you recover, your surgeon will continue to check you regularly, extending for as long as necessary.

What are the risks of gynecomastia surgery?

The risks related to cosmetic surgeries focus on bleeding, infections, abnormal scarring, capsular contracture, or the use of anesthesia.

The interventions are performed under the hands of experienced surgeons in operating rooms that comply with the strictest safety regulations to prevent infections, complications, or infections.

All the material in our center is for single use and is disposed of safely after each intervention.

Anesthesia is performed by a certified anesthetist with more than 20 years of experience, assisted by modern anesthesia systems that monitor the constants required for complete patient control.

If you are thinking of operating, at Cosmoplasty by Dr. Amin’s best gynecomastia doctor Lahore you will find the latest advances in equipment and instruments, a team of surgeons and nurses with experience, prestige, and professionalism, and results so satisfactory that they will exceed your expectations.

Contact us, make an appointment, and put yourself in the best hands to get the figure you want so much.

Is the treatment always surgical?

It is generally the only effective one.

What kind of anesthesia is used?

it may be local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia.

is it painful?

There is mild discomfort for a few days.

What is the time income?

the entry time 0-1 days.

are there Visible scars?

The incision is usually in the areola and minimally noticeable, especially when the glandular removal is performed.

When do you get results?

Soon, although the final one is obtained at 6 months.

Are the results definitive?

Yes, the results are good and long-lasting.

What is the withdrawal time?

The withdrawal time is between 3 – 7 days.

What is the time to do sports again?

You can resume sports activity is 1 month if it is intense.

Can you smoke?

Due to the alteration of the microcirculation caused by smoking, smoking should be stopped from 2 weeks before the intervention and 2 weeks afterward to avoid risks of necrosis and poor healing.

Can I sunbathe

With sun protection for the first 6 months.

Your Male Gynecomasty doctor Lahore Pakistan

Dr. Amin is one of the most recommended choices and best gynecomastia doctors in Lahore Pakistan. if you are looking for where to do a male gynecomastia operation with the maximum guarantees in safety and competition. The experience accumulated over more than four decades places us as the best cosmetic center if you want to perform gynecomastia surgery with the best professionals, the most modern equipment, and the best care before, during, and after the intervention.

Our Patients Review about Gynecomastia Surgery

Dr. Amin First Gynecomastia Patients Review

Good Evening every one in Lahore Pakistan, I want to share my experience of Gynecomastia surgery from Dr. Amin. I have had a breast reduction operation for a month and I can say that the results are unbeatable. I had more than 20 years with some breasts that I did not accept, they bothered me physically and psychically. I visited three centers to assess and compare all the extremes of the intervention and it was clear to me when I met Dr. Amin, that he would be the one to perform the surgery. He is meticulous and conscientious, seeking the maximum perfection in his work, in fact, he carried out some performances during the intervention that had not been considered and achieved with this a fantastic result. If there is one thing I regret it is not having done it before. My back pain is gone and now I see harmony in my physical state. I have had surgery almost 40 years old and, I am super happy, I can wear nice lingerie and that is important. I take advantage of these lines to convey my eternal thanks.

Dr. Amin Second Gynecomastia Patients Review

I could not be more delighted with the choice, I had a Men boobs reduction surgery from Dr. Amin 10 days ago and I am delighted. Dr. Amin is a great person and very professional, Shortly I can admit he is one the best gynecomastia doctors in Lahore Pakistan.  I went with an idea and I was advised by him and everything was perfect, still in the process of recovery but both what you see and the attention I have received is 10. I also thank Other staff over the Clinic and nurses who are always Outstanding everything and are magnificent. Thanks a lot for every staff at Cosmopast Lahore, I recommend that you give it to them.

Dr. Amin Third Gynecomastia Surgery Patients Review

Dr. Amin is a Magnificent professional in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery in Asia like Pakistan especially Lahore. I am Farman Kahn from Uk  I got Gynecomastia treatment from Dr. Amin and also butt lift with implant back one year. My results are outstanding, He is great person provide personal care during my stay at the clinic, He shows a lot of interest in helping you feel comfortable and confident, close, perfectionist, advises perfectly regarding what you need, transmits confidence, security, a lot of peace of mind and all his team !!

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