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Otoplasty in Lahore - lobe repairing Surgery in Lahore

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lobe repairing Surgery in Lahore

Lobuloplasty also known as lobe repairing surgery , or lobe reconstruction surgery. Lobuloplasty allows the reconstruction of lobes torn or opened by dilations through a simple surgery and easy recovery.

What is lobe Repairing Surgery or lobuloplasty?

Lobe surgery or Lobuloplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery based on surgical correction of the lower area of the ear for various reasons: the hole in the earring that is closed and sutured again, the reconstruction of open lobes due to dilatations or due to to carry large weights in the area -as pending-, causes derived from age ...

The main objective that is sought with this is to regain the normal shape of the lobe. Sometimes, in older patients and due to the excessive prolongation of the area, part of it must be cut, giving it a more beautiful and rejuvenated shape. In other cases, however, a modification of the position of the cartilage base in the upper part of the lobe must be made.

At Cosmoplast, Dr Amin Yousaf who is specialized doctors analyze the ears of their patients to choose the best intervention for each particular case, restoring the ear lobes and giving them a much younger appearance.

Lobuloplasty is aimed at men and women of any age who want to solve the partial or total tear of their earlobe. In addition, it not only fixes the break or elongation, but reinforces it so that it does not happen again. It is a treatment that requires surgery, but which is very simple and effective with totally satisfactory results that return the patient to a normal shape in his ear lobes.

How is the treatment

This lobe surgery is very simple and is performed by specialized doctors with the aim of achieving effective results and that patients feel satisfied and can show off their ears.

In the first place, the doctor will carry out a free first evaluation of the patient to analyze his personalized case and evaluate the most appropriate type of treatment for his case. For this, the patient must go to one of the Cosmoplast clinics to perform the lobuloplasty in Lahore, or you can request the evaluation online.

On the day of surgery, the patient will only be given local anesthesia. The procedure will be carried out in one of the operating rooms of the Cosmoplast clinics and does not require a hospital stay on the part of the patient, since it is a very simple surgery. It barely lasts 30 minutes - always depending on each particular case - and, after it, the patient will be able to go back to leading their daily life.

In this Lobuloplasty treatment, only strategically applied stitches are required to properly close the opening in the event that the dilation is a maximum of 5 centimeters. In the event that it exceeds these 5 centimeters, lobe reconstruction would be necessary .


This type of treatment that acts on the ear area has a series of benefits for patients:

  • The patient achieves the desired lobe effectively
  • Results are immediate and definitive over time
  • Surgery lasts only 30 minutes
  • Performed by specialized surgeons


Once the lobe surgery is finished , the patient will be able to redo his daily life, although the doctor will give him a series of tips to follow so that the recovery is the best possible and the results improve.

  • The patient must have the area covered during the first days
  • You should avoid touching the area for the first few weeks
  • Avoid sleeping on your side, since the treated area could rub against the pillow and the effects of lobuloplasty could be jeopardized

After the procedure, the patient will not be able to immediately wear earrings, since doctors recommend that the use of earrings that require the hole be delayed for 6 to 12 months. Even so, they will be able to wear earrings with a clip closure - although they are not recommended during the first weeks after the end of the lobe surgery.

Lobe reconstructing Surgery in Lahore or lobuloplasty price

Lobe surgery is one of the most effective treatments to achieve perfection in the lower area of the ears . The price, as well as the duration of the treatment, varies depending on the number of areas on which it is necessary to perform it. Sometimes, the patient only requires surgery on one of the ears, but on other occasions it is necessary to act on both lobes. All of this will be assessed during the first appointment

Lobuloplasty In Lahore

If you are looking to have a lobe surgery, make an appointment for one of our clinics in Lahore. The first assessment is free and you will be advised and valued by professional surgeons who will seek your satisfaction at all times with total confidence and security. Make your appointment now and show off your perfect ears in no time.

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