Lips Augmentation Lahore

Lip is the most important feature of the face. Lip features are defined and remarkable. As a person ages, the feature is lost and fullness decreases. There are various ways these can be restored. Lip augmentation is a cosmetic process that produces broader, plumper lips, and it is growing increasingly common these days. Though older versions of mouth augmentation were frequently aggressive and dangerous, today’s mouth augmentation can be made with one simple, easy solution. Dr. Amin is the best plastic surgeon who provides lips augmentation Lahore

Lips augmentation Lahore | injectable dermal Lips filler Pakistan

Like any other cosmetic operation, mouth augmentation involves a lot of obligation. You can just decide for yourself if you’re waiting. We’ve included these most almost common injections and implants here. The data should serve as a broad summary but and should not change the physician’s proposal. Once you’ve chosen the physician, you can interact with him or her and get together which option best suits your needs.

Lip Augmentation with Filler or Fat for Thin Lips

Hyaluronic acid( Temporary filler): These are pre-filled fillers that are available in the market. they are available in different concentrations and cross-linking which decides its lasting feature and fullness.The most commonly used are Juvederm and Restylane.

They can be given without any local anesthesia. the result is immediate. these are given as lunchtime procedure. the effect lasts for 6 months to 15 months.

PolyAcrylamide: These are permanent fillers. The effect lasts for 1 to three years. They are given by injection. High chances of granuloma formation

Fat injection: These are patient own fat taken from the inner thigh, buttock, flank, or abdomen. the fat is then centrifuged and then injected. the fat usually gets reabsorbed so require 1 to 2 sittings to make it permanent. This is a very safe surgery and an outpatient procedure all done under local anesthesia.

Lip Augmentation Surgery Before and After


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