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Lipotransfer in Lahore

Buttock Lipotransfer

The buttock augmentation with Lipotransfer is the perfect treatment to increase the volume and enhance the beauty of the buttocks definitively to the time you get a figure more stylized eliminating that extra fat in your body. If you want to get buttock augmentation through fat transfer or breast augmentation through fat transfer visit Dr Amin Yousaf clinic in johart town Lahore

What is buttock lipotransfer?

Lipotransference to the buttocks is the method by which the size of the buttocks is proportionally increased through the transfer of fat from the body itself .

The Lipotransfer is one of the latest methods in plastic surgery and fat is removed from certain areas of the body by liposuction or Lipoescultura and place, once treated, to the buttocks.

Since the amount of fat required is greater for buttock augmentation, liposuction must cover large areas of fat, such as the abdominal part or the hips.

The fat is treated, disinfected and then injected into the buttocks until the volume desired by the patient is reached.

How is the operation?

The operation is performed under local anesthesia and sedation, it consists of a single intervention in which the patient is first performed Liposuction or Liposculpture and later the lipotransference is carried out in the buttocks. The incisions are very small and are located in strategic areas to be totally imperceptible.

Advantages of buttock augmentation with lipotransfer

  • It is an outpatient procedure and does not require hospitalization
  • The duration of the treatment is 2 hours
  • Rejection is infrequent, since the grafted material comes from the patient's own body, which eliminates the possibility of rejection.
  • Permanent results
  • Natural effect

Gluteal lipotransfer results

  • The results are visible immediately, but the definitive ones should be evaluated after 6 months.
  • The buttocks achieve a natural rounding and volume increase, both in texture and appearance.


  • During the following days, the patient will notice discomfort in the worked areas, which remit with the medication delivered on the day of surgery
  • The patient must rest for about 3 days and not make significant physical efforts, in order to avoid displacement of the implants or bleeding.
  • You must sleep on your stomach
  • Wear a compression girdle for a month
  • It is convenient to perform a post-surgical massage treatment in the liposuction area. They can be started from the third day after the intervention.

Lipotransference in buttocks in Lahore Pakistan

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