Some women are born with large labia minora, others can develop this condition after pregnancy, hormonal changes or age. Labiaplasty or reduction of the labia minora is a surgical procedure that corrects excess skin and mucosa to reshape excessively large or disproportionate labia minora, so that they do not protrude outside the larger ones. The labiaplasty in Lahore or ninfoplastia can be categorized into what is called intimate surgery. Nowadays, aesthetics and also the most intimate aesthetics matter more and more. If You want to get labiaplasty surgery in Lahore visit our clinic .


Labiaplasty , or also known as Nymphoplasty, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries of the intimate areas of women. The objective of the operation is to beautify the labia minora and majora of the vulva. The most common operation is their reduction. In addition to improving the aesthetics of the lips, it also improves the hood that surrounds the clitoral area. It is a simple and fast operation.


After the area is anesthetized and the patient sedated, the surgeon marks the area to be removed and proceeds to the operation. Very fine external and internal stitches are placed whose scars are practically invisible. After the operation, the surgeon will schedule the taking of medication (delivered on the day of surgery) and check-ups


There are some women who should first consult with the surgeon before performing the treatment:


In the postoperative period, the patient will only need a few days of sick leave. In your sexual life you must remain between 3 or 4 weeks without activity. The sick leave will depend on the work of the patient.

In short, the recovery time is very short. The first days should wear loose clothing, a compress and apply Betadine vaginal at night. In addition, do not perform exercise or movements that can tear the area.

The results of the operation are final . In relation to the patient’s self-esteem and the comfort to perform certain sports such as cycling or horse riding, the operation is a complete success. It should also be noted that it is not an operation that will interfere with later deliveries.


Labiaplasty has made many women in the world, and especially in Paksitan, feel comfortable with their most intimate image. Intimate surgery is no longer a mystery and more and more women are undergoing Labiaplasty surgery in Lahore. At Cosmoplast we are here to advise you and help you always take a good step. Find out without obligation on a free first appointment with our Labiaplasty surgeon in Lahore Pakistan


The Labiaplasty in Lahore is a Cosmetic surgery and currently one of the most requested surgical treatments in Pakistan in world. Labiaplasty Surgery cost in Lahore Pakistan is in range of Rs: 75,000 To 125,000 This cost include all kind of expanse during the surgery and pre-post check up, For Free online consultation regarding Labiaplasty in lahore or vaginal rightening surgeyr in lahore call us at 0321-4945209