The existence of some cultures where the virginity of women has a supreme importance, has made Hymenoplasty surgery more and more frequent in plastic and reconstructive surgery consultations. Hymen reconstruction has become the solution for those women who want to “regain their virginity”, usually motivated by cultural or religious reasons. If You want to get hymenoplasty in Lahore

Hymenoplasty is a procedure designed to reconstruct a torn hymen. Many women opt for this particular treatment for various reasons, but mainly due to cultural conformity, or sometimes for religious reasons. A hymen is essentially a membrane that partially closes the opening of the vagina. In many countries of the world, an intact hymen is considered a sign of virginity. Contrary to popular belief, a hymen can tear from tampon insertion or vigorous exercise rather than just intercourse.

What is hymen

Hymenoplasty consists of performing a plasty or repair of the membrane that forms the hymen.

It should be noted that the hymen is a fibrous and elastic membrane that is usually found at the entrance to the vagina, but that on some occasions it can break due to a blow, excessive bleeding or even, there are women who are born without it.

Any cosmetic surgery must be a personal and voluntary decision, therefore in our consultation we will always be close, creating a climate of well-being and trust. We always work with a team of professionals and with the most advanced means to guarantee the safety of all our patients.

Hymenoplasty surgery

No matter how many years have passed, with hymen surgery or hymenoplasty it is possible to relive the feeling of that first time in a simple procedure of no more than 40 minutes. With this technique, you will have the hymen rebuilt , that thin and delicate membrane that partially covers the open part of the vagina of most girls and whose rupture usually takes place during the first sexual experience.

There are various reasons why a woman seeks hymen reconstruction . From social, cultural or even religious in which some women have to ensure that their hymen is intact before marriage, through more traumatic cases such as abuse in which the patient did not want to lose her hymen in this way.

There are also those who want to give their partner that moment, considered unique for them. On the other hand, certain strenuous physical activities can also break the hymen, such as riding a bike or a sudden movement. As can the use of tampons.

For whatever reason, whether it is a psychological problem or a cultural situation or other factors, if you consider that you are a good candidate for hymen reconstruction surgery in Lahore at Cosmoplasty Clinics we have professionals specialized in this treatment.

Hymen repair surgery

Hymenoplasty or hymenoplasty is performed through a surgical technique that is very simple , this consists of the recreation of two small mucous membranes that simulate the hymen, guaranteeing virginity for the second time. Once the hymen is rebuilt , if the patient has a sexual act again, she will feel the same pain and bleeding as the first time. This procedure lasts approximately 40 minutes and absorbable stitches are used to avoid discomfort. Recovery time is short and, above all, it is very important that in the month following the treatment , sexual relations or sports are not maintained. high impact.

After Surgery Results

Many women are satisfied with the results of hymenoplasty, primarily because it is a relatively low-risk procedure. Risks include bleeding, infection, and pain during sex, but these are easily mitigated with various medications. In addition to that, most patients never experience these risks as they are quite rare.

Hymenoplasty in Lahore Cost

The Hymenoplasty in Lahore is a Cosmetic surgery and currently one of the most requested surgical treatments in Pakistan in world. Hymenoplasty Surgery cost in Lahore Pakistan is in range of Rs: 75,000 To 125,000 This cost include all kind of expanse during the surgery and pre-post check up, For Free online consultation regarding Hymenoplasty in lahore or Hymen Repair surgeyr in lahore call us at 0321-4945209