Types Of Hymenoplasty Surgery- Hymen repair with our Surgery

There are Three main types of hymenoplasty offer at our clinic in Lahore, One is hymen repair without surge

  • Temporary Hymen Stitch (THS) with Blood Capsule – This treatment is suitable for those condidate having less time in marriage and candidate want to get results with in a week 
  • Natural Hymen Rebuilt- Hymenoplasty (Hymenorraphy or Hymen Reconstruction) – This is a surgical procedure which required mininum 40 days for proper healing 
  • Non surgical Hymenoplasty- Emergency Blood Capsule – For Best results just 60 mint before sex a capsule is placed just to pass bed sheet test No surgery, only capsule is placed 1 hour before sex to pass bed sheet test

Hymen repair surgery

Hymen repair surgery  also known as revirgination surgery. This Surgery is best for those girl who want to get back virgin. Hymenoplasty surgery have same natural results as before losing virginity. We can say this procedure is to restore back hymen. During this surgery surgeon stitched raptured hymen layer or hymen tags together to make new natural hymen, At Our clinic we also offer hymen repair with our surgery

Dr Amin Yousaf (Plastic Surgeon) and Aesthetic Surgeon in Lahore Pakistan offer hymenoplasty surgery privately and confidentially at his clinic. Hymen repair Surgery is also known as Revirgination Surgery. This page is bout  rvrigin surgery,  Hymenoplasty (Revirgination. At Cosmoplast we provide international standard and high quality services to our patient. Privay at any cost we did not share patient information.

What Is Virginity Test?

In twenty century till men in Pakistan and Asia Specially patriarchal societies want their wives to be virgin at the first night of marriage. At first night to check his wife virginity they apply Virginity tests at marriage. These test are apply to check the presence of intact hymen.

  • Red Stain on Bed Sheet  – in Our country most common method to check virginity is presence of red stain on bed sheet at first penetration due to tear of intact hymen
  •  hymen Inspection: Best method to check virginity You can see virgin hyena wiht our won eye or check with your fingur

These test are not recommended at all, our cosmoplast team and surgeon does not encourage these test and our surgeon stand with women for their rights, we can say these test are totally stupid

The side effects of every cosmetic surgery are present. Hymen repair surgery also having side effect but are rare can include

  • Tittle bit Pain during First time sex
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Painful menses
  • Cosmetic look

Hymen repair surgery having 5%  infection chance and you can reduce this if you follow our surgeon instruction, At Cosmoplasty when you get hymenoplasty surgery  this procedure become PAINLESS AND SAFE.