Hormonal imbalance can cause excessive mammary gland or feminine shape built in male- we can say female like breast in male. Over developed prepectoral area are referred as Gynecomastia “Men with Boobs” and This pathology in men is called or male with large mammary glands. For Gynecomastia treatment in Lahore Pakistan call us now at 03214945209

Gynecomastia can caused breast swelling. we can say glandular and fatty tissue. Breast sized inrease due to gland development. There is an option of gynecomastia surgery in Lahore, which is for male breast-reduction surgery in Pakistan .

Ultrasound help to differentiate pseudogynecomastia from gynecomastia. We diagnose the presence of fat or glandular tissue

Which is the treatment?

After first stage no pathological for gynecomastia cause is present, then re-proceed to its solution.

If after Ultrasound its diagnose the presence gynecomastia, now need to treat problem causing pathology and gynecomastia in you must rule out be. Surgeon offer Liposuction  for removal of hypertrophic mammary

-Simple liposuction for Gynecomastia:

First step in gynecomastia surgery is liposuction. Surgeon make 3mm incision under armpit. All process done under Local anesthesia- Duration gynecomastia, Liposuction done approximately 30 minutes to 60 minutes


No safety concerns who want to ruled out gynecomastia. All Surgery done with little incision small scar that will remain, and there might be tenderness. patient take antibiotics and pain killer after surgery jsut for 3 days.

Cost of Man Makeover Surgery – Gynecomastia

The price of a male breast reduction / man-makeover surgery in Lahore Pakistan is in range of 75000 to 15000. Dr Amin Yousaf offer 25% all his patient who got more than 1 procedure at a time,  Dr Amin yousaf offer affordable cost ranges for  gynecomastia surgery.


One of the most important approach is to choose professional surgeon. Dr Amin Yousaf certified Gynecomastia surgeon who after diagnosis give his patient exact advice and the best technique for your particular treatment. On your first Consultation Dr. Amin Yousaf will advise his ever patient all the things in  details

Techniques Associated with f Gynecomastia