Gynecomastia is the condition in which mammary gland tissue become englarged in boys or men. It occurs due to imbalance of the two hormones: No-1 estrogen and No-2: testosterone. Men nipple tissue enlarged and causing discomfort in nipple. Some time Gynecomastia affect one Breast or both, or unevenly. For Gynecomastia Surgery Lahore Pakistan Dr Amin Yousaf staff is availble 24/7 online free Consultaion

Gynecomastia grow inside the male breast. It does not harm, Only caused female like breast ( Large breast +Gland). Little bit Pain, swelling, puffy nipple and feel embarrassment due to this while wearing shirt Boy or Men having any grade of gynecomsatia does not effect on marriage life.

Still no any kind of medicine is present but exercise (jim) effect to some extent. Gynecomastia Surgery is very simple procedure. This surgery no need to stay at hospital In a few cases, gynecomastia may go on its own. In some gynecomastia cased little swelling, nipple pain, and chest fat, in such case patient urgent need to doctor asa. In Pakistan Dr Amin Yousaf is working Senior Surgeon for gynecomastia Surgery in Lahore


The following medications may be included during the treatment:



Mastectomy is a surgery performed to treat the condition of gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia Grade 

Mild gynecomastia Grade I :Minimal breast enlargement in men without excess skin.

Grade II: Moderate breast enlargement with or without extra skin.

Grade III : Significant breast augmentation with extra skin and much glandular tissu