Gynecomastia surgery cost in government hospital

Gynecomastia or male large breast causes physical problems at early age in men, This gynecomastia surgery also offer in govt hospital at are charged. However Gynecomastia surgery cost in government hospital is less as compared to private hospital. To effectively treat gynecomastia surgery in government hospital Lahore Pakistan. Plastic surgeon combine liposuction surgery with gland excision techniques at the same time. During Liposuction Surgeon remove fat tissues. Glandular tissues are removed with the help Gland excision.


Gynecomastia surgery cost in government hospital- male breast reduction treament

The Chest reduction surgery in men or Male. During gynecomastia mostly both male chest are effect and need to b symmetrical with respect to nipple. If one side of male breast is effect but must correct both side for proper shape and look.  Gynecomastia Surgery is not a pain full procedure, anesthesia is given to specific area. 

Breast cancer ratio is very minimal in male having gynecomastia, Some time one side effected or consider such issues 

  • Reduce Male Chest size as results improvement in confidnace and health, chest fat removed by liposuciton
  • After Liposuction Chest Reshape and become as a normal chest
  • Tonality and tautness created in chest
  • After Gynecomastia your chest become perfect in look
  • During gynecomastia surgery permanent gland is removed 
  • During Male Breast Reduction Surgery is a single day treatment
  • Male chest gland through incisions
  • Large male chest Reshaping the chest by trimming and texturing the excess skin
  • Disposable sutur are used during gynecomastia no need to remve
  • 1 day rest
  • After 30 days can join for jim or exercise
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