What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is an abnormal growth of breast fatty tissue which develop mammary gland in men. Such abnormal condition effect one side breast or both side. Hormonal disorder is main reason for such causes in puberty. In Pakistan almost 40-60% male sex population is effected by estrogen issues and having mammary pathology. Which create psychological disorder in young generation. At the age of 16 abnormal breast growth returns to its natural condition

The technique for gynecomastia surgery may be different for each case.

Before going to surgery must distinguish between:

  • Actual Gynecomastia: over developed mammary gland / glandular tissue in the male Breast
  • False- Pseudogynecomastia: Only the presence of Fatty tissue in Chest

Why Dr. Amin Yousaf is Best For Your Gynecomastia

A Surgery in which surgeon reduce male chest size in safe way with effective method is called gynecomastia. At Facial and body aesthetic surgery Clinic Dr.AminYousaf is strongly recommended and he is specialists for Gynecomastia Surgery. Dr. Amin yousaf perform all cosmetic surgeries with the one of best team of professional’s team of surgeon. At his clinic in 2023 he sued HD ultra-power Liposuction Machine for asymmetrical boobs, swollen nipple and for sagging chest. This treatment is suitable for those candidate having stretched areolas or tenderness in the Breast. This condition is sufficient motivations for gynecomastia patient to undergo surgery by find a best solution. Our body reshaping surgeon with his effective surgical method and harmonious techniques give your chest natural look and correct your gynecomastia

In this article you will read in detailed about the complete surgical process and case study and analyzed whether gynecomastia surgery at Dr. Amin Yousaf suits is matching your requirement and fulfill your needs and expectations after treatment.

Why Choose us?

We at Dr. Amin Yousaf Gynecomastia surgery clinic he understand that every cosmetic surgery patient ha special requirements for his procedure. There is not option for any kind of mistake.  This is why Dr. Amin Yousaf make sure to give best surgery results, quality services and medical care to all individuals patient. The cost of Cosmetic treatment is unparalleled. So, contact us now to discuss about the procedure and cost!