In Gynecomasita Men has large breast and puffy nipple. This is due to composition of fat and gland in chest. Our Plastic surgeon classify three grades of gynecomastia according to the condition. For Gynecomastia Grade difference in person consultation is required. After Consultation Dr Amin Yousaf told exect cost and procedure of breast correction. you can see our video about grades of Gynecomastia on youtube

Gynecomastia occur in men at usually multifactorial at different age. For proper evaluation Specialist checkup is necessary.  Surgeon will assesses the important  for hormonal tests or additional explorations.

Physiological causes: due to an imbalance between androgens and estrogens, and it usually occurs in two stages:

Pubertal gynecomastia: the most frequent and between 14-15 years. It is important to wait two years after adolescence as it is normally reversible.

Senile gynecomastia: from 45-50 years of age, when testosterone levels decrease and estrogen levels increase. It is part of the aging of man. Its appearance increases with age.


At cosmoplast By Dr Amin Yousaf all grade gynecomastia patinet surgery performed under local anesthesia. No need to stay at clinic. just avoid from exercise for 30 days.

Different Grades of Gynecomastia:

Grade I Gynecomastiad: button located around the areola without excess skin or fat. It usually resolves spontaneously. If you don’t, you have to remove it.

Stage II Grade Gynecomastia: Diffuse gynecomastia with more adipose tissue and undefined margins. There may or may not be any skin. You need surgery with/without skin resection.

Server Grade III Gynecomastia: large breast augmentation with excess skin, simulating a female breast. Requires removal associated with liposuction.

Treatment related to Gynecomastia