Grade-4 Gynaecomastia Surgery is almost same as Grade-3 Gynecomastia surgery. Grade-4 Gynecomastia is a problem is find out after age 50 or in fatty people. Grade-4 gynecomastia patient having exect female like breast or lumps. Gynecomastia can classified in to several grades. Grade classification depends fat or gland on the chest. Grade-4 gynecomastia is advance stage only surgery is solution. Dr Amin Yousaf offer Low cost Grade 4 Gynecomastia Surgery at his clinic in Lahore Pakistan


Grade-4 Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in Pakistan?

Dr Amin Yousaf at cosmoplast offerworld class treatment for Grade-4 Gynecomastia Patient.  Gynecomastia surgery Cost is most affordable. Gynecomastia cost depends on its grade. Dr Amin Yousaf charge Rs: 95000 To 150,000 PKR For every Grade-4 Gynecomastia Patient.

This Gynecomastia Surgery Cost covers all the charges: