Gynocomastia is the situation of Mammary gland enlarge in male breast. Such condition is due to excess of estrogen. Estrogen is a female hormone. As a Results male chest grow up due to imbalance of the hormones in boys are early age. Gynecomastia mostly occur at various stages in male life. Grade 3 Gynecomastia mostly found in obesity people or after age 45. Dr Amin Yousaf one of world class top Surgeon for gynecomastia surgery in Lahore Pakistan. He is also well known and consider as best plastic surgeon for Grade 3 Gynecomastia Surgery in Lahore Pakistan. Cosmoplast is registered with health care commission of Pakistan. Our clinic have best and professional surgeons for gynecomastia surgery who take care of the their all patients during and after the surgery gynecomastia surgery. Dr Amin Yousaf offer gynecomastia Cost Very low as compare to other surgeon offer in Pakistan


The Grade 3 Gynecomastia surgery performed under general Anesthesia. Procedure last round about 180 mint. Gynecomstia grade-3 Surgery Is only one time treatment in life and results are permanent throughout the life. After grade 3 Gynecomastia surgery minimum 3hours stay and  max one day stay after the surgery.

Grade 3 Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in Lahore Pakistan

The Gynecomastia surgery cost in India varies according to various surgeons and clinics. We at Divine provide low-cost grade 3 gynecomastia surgery treatments to our patients. Thus, our price is reasonable than the other gynecomastia surgery cost in Pakistan

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