Gynecomastia Grade-2 is the pathological overdevelopment of male of one or both mammary glands. Two type of hormones estrogen and testosterone effect on male breast. At the age of 35 when testosterone hormone level drop and men become overweight. At this stage only fat is deposit surgeon removed that fat with the help of Liposuction. Some cases gland need to remove if present

In Pakistan Male with breast does not known by its name that is Gynecomastia. How can I come to know that I have male gynecomastia ?

No well known cause are explain till now about gynecomastia.  Plastaic surgeon point out that in some cases du to hormonal imbalance, Obesity hiden behind of over development of mammay gland in men

In Some men just over fat accumulated in the chest called pseudogynecomastia? Exercise and diet control can effect or reduced male breast fat.

If you cannot differentiate between gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia. Physical exam is very necessary for diagnosing gynecomastia. Email to our surgeon book your appointment for gynecomastia assessment

Plastic Surgeon take carefully medical history like medication or usage of drug. Surgeon some time performed biopsy or ultrasound for suspected cancer. In Certain Case Some other test recommended to know the cause of gynecomastia. These are may be blood tests or hormone measurement test.

Gynecomastia Grade-2 Surgery Procedure

in Some case Gyncomastia surgery consist of only fat removal. In most cases, both techniques liposuciton and glandulra removal are used in the same intervention


Primarily for gynecomastia patient excess fatty tissue remove with liposuction from  the male breast

The cannulas are attached by vacuum suction machine. Cannulas moved back and forth and to sucked loosen excess fat, which is then removed from the body by vacuum suction.

Glandular Removal

For Gynecomastia correction Glandular Resection procedure apply for  glandular breast tissue or excess skin

Complications After Gynecomastia Grade -2

Side effects can be immediate or delayed:

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