Brow Lift & Forehead Lift Surgery Lahore

Forehead Lift is an effective cosmetic surgery carried out at Persona Clinic that can remove or reduce your brow line from your forehead. Skipping the old belief – your forehead tells your fate, do you know that your forehead tells your age? For Brow lift, forehead lift surgery Lahore Visit cosmos last in johar town

Yes! With horizontal lines on your forehead, you look even-aged than you actually are.

What to do?

The era has been witnessing various smart technological solutions to problems related skin and hair and thus, Forehead lifting is one such solution provided here at Persona Clinic under the expert supervision of dermatologists and cosmetic surgery specialists.

What is a forehead lift?

A forehead lift, or Browlift, is the cosmetic procedure where wrinkles and frown lines are removed or least visible using smart techniques. Forehead lift corrects the shrinkage of the forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows’ skin. The procedure is responsible for contracting of the skin in the area showing aging signs such as –

  • Eyebrows drooping
  • Cowling eyelids
  • Forehead furrows etc.

Forehead Lift – Procedure & Cost At Persona Clinic

Persona Faces Clinic is all about preserving the persona. Browline on your forehead depicts your personality and we have come up with our expert team to do away the signs of aging and make you “completely young”.

At Persona Clinic, we offer Forehead Lift according to the depth and size of the lines. Forehead Lift, at

  • Classic Lift – One long cut is placed at ear-level and goes up to the hairline.
  • Endoscopic Lift – few shorter cuts are made in the scalp to insert the scope and performing lifting activity.
  • Lines on forehead can vanish with the help of injections and/or medications for newly-appeared brow lines.

Brow Lift Surgery cost in Pakistan

This average cost of a brow lift in Pakistan starts from around Rs: 125, 000 To 250,000 Pakistani Rupees. This cost includes all kinds of surgery-related expenses such as surgeon fee, Anesthesia cost, Medicine Clinic stay depends on various factors.

Forehead Lift Surgery Lahore | Brow Lift Surgery cost in Pakistan

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