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The facelift, also known as a  facelift or rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgery that is applied to improve the visible signs of aging on the face and neck. We are your Facelift Clinic in Lahore, with the most prestigious facelift plastic surgeons and the most advanced equipment. if you want to get Face surgery, Thread lift, Facial Surgery Lahore visit our clinic in johar town

what is a facelift?

The bone structure of the face, hereditary factors, and skin type play an important role in the facial rejuvenation that can be achieved and can be fundamental in the duration of the result.

The facelift treats the structures with excessive laxity at the facial level, focusing on the cheeks and the mandibular rim, as well as the periocular and temporal regions. Sometimes the forehead and brow lift (forehead lift) is included in this facelift operation or may be added as a separate intervention.

This surgical rhytidectomy treatment consists of removing excess skin from the face and neck and tightening your muscles, thus improving the tone and brightness of the face and achieving a younger appearance.

who can undergo this facelift intervention?

Both men and women who want to regain their youthful appearance can undergo this facial lifting treatment. Preference is currently given to perform these interventions from the age of 40 or even earlier in some circumstances. Before this age, other minimally invasive procedures, such as tensioning threads or facial fillers, can maintain a youthful appearance for a time without having to undergo surgery.

How is the surgery?

The facelift incisions are made inside the hair at a temporary level, then glued to the entrance of the external auditory canal, then surround the earlobe and ascend behind the ear, finally following the implantation line of the scalp. Through these incisions, a more or less extensive detachment of the facial skin is carried out, in order to obtain a better tensioning of the facial skin and facilitate the excision of the excess.

It is also possible with the facelift to address the underlying tissues, to tighten them in such a way that it is not only the skin that is going to undergo traction but also the deep tissues. Using the same approach, the surgeon can reduce fat accumulations or tighten muscles that have become flabby, giving the face a firmer appearance.

How is the recovery from this facelift surgery?

After the rhytidectomy procedure, you will probably have some bruising, swelling of the face, a feeling of tightness, and possibly clogging in some areas of the face and neck. Over time your appearance will improve and in a period of two to four weeks, you can get a fairly definitive idea of ​​what your appearance will be like. Most of the facelift scars will be hidden inside the hair above the ear or within the normal skin lines and folds so they are practically imperceptible.

The patient will leave the operating room with bandages on the head and a drainage system to prevent blood pooling. But don’t worry, it will be removed the next day. If you follow the medical indications, you can return to your social and work activity after about three weeks when the inflammation of the face has disappeared and the natural results are seen.

Benefits of facial lifting in Lahore

  • Rejuvenation of the face.
  • Full or partial facelift according to the patient.
  • Quick recovery, few scars, and natural results.

More information on facial rejuvenation surgery

The passage of time, prolonged exposure of the skin to the sun, or stress itself can be reflected on the face and neck. Furrows and folds usually appear on the face, causing loss of definition in the facial expression. The Facelift allows remedying these signs of aging.

The facelift or facelift is a surgical treatment through which excess skin is removed on the face and neck; It also allows us to tighten the muscles in these areas to eliminate flaccidity and improve the tone and brightness of the face.

This intervention is especially indicated for women over 45 who want an effective and long-lasting facial rejuvenation treatment to restore the vitality lost over the years to their faces.

Type of intervention

The incisions will depend on each particular case and the extent of the stretch. Usually, in the same surgical act, a simple or complete blepharoplasty is performed, since the eyelids and in general, the frontal orbital region are part of the facial complex and are where the first signs of aging are most frequently seen.

There are other complementary surgeries, which are included in the so-called Profil Plast , such as chin augmentation cheekbones and rhinoplasties, which can be performed jointly when required, after a  personalized study of the patient.

Full stretch with this innovative technique that allows minimal access and cranial suspension towards the crown, resulting in less scarring.

  • Mini lifting: partial stretches
  • Selective (partial) stretch according to the needs of the patient.
  • The very short procedure of just 1 or 2 hours.
  • Very little invasive. Quick recovery and few scars.

Recovery and postoperative after a facelift

After the facelift procedure, the patient usually has certain discomforts, but without pain during the first nights, which will disappear after a few days and are usually controlled with pain relievers.

The first days it is usual to feel the skin of the face somewhat “padded”; This feeling will go away soon, usually within a few weeks. During the first two weeks, the face appears puffy. During this time it is advisable not to work, exercise, or activities that may affect the face. Nor should the skin be exposed to the sun for the first three months.

Following medical advice, you can usually resume your normal routine after about three weeks; At this time the inflammation on the face has disappeared and you can see completely natural results.

The risks of a facelift are the usual ones in any surgical intervention; reactions to medication, bleeding, inflammation, bruising, or infections. An adequate preoperative study and medical control after the intervention will minimize all these risks, as they are carried out in Dr. Amin

Frequently asked questions about facelift Surgery Lahore

  • What is a facelift?
  • What reasons are there to intervene?
  • What does a facelift consist of?
  • What types and what forms are there?
  • For whom is it recommended?
  • How is the recovery?
  • What risks does it have?

What is a facelift or rhytidectomy?

  • A facelift is a cosmetic plastic surgery intervention that eliminates skin wrinkles or hydatidosis in any area of ​​the body, the face being the most common area where it is performed.
  • The effects of the passage of time such as, for example, prolonged exposure of the skin to the sun or continued stress, causing visible damage to the face and neck in the form of grooves, folds, and wrinkles, modifying facial expression, losing definition, smoothness, and tone. The facelift is a surgical intervention that corrects these age problems by eliminating the signs of flaccidity, improving tone and shine.
  • A facelift or rhytidectomy is an effective and long-lasting treatment capable of restoring to your face the vitality that has been attenuated over the years.
  • This type of intervention requires the best surgeon, who accumulates years of experience and does it with the most modern and safe equipment. At Cosmoplast we are experts in facelifts and we have extensive experience. The satisfaction of our clients is our best argument to explain why we have remained a benchmark in plastic and cosmetic surgery in Spain for more than four decades.

What are the most common reasons to perform a facelift or rhytidectomy?

There are many reasons that can lead you to consider having a facelift, mainly those related to aging.

With a facelift, you can regain skin tone, light spots, and facial reliefs, provide a rejuvenating effect and the facial vitality you long for. Each of these aesthetic corrections can be applied to different areas of the face and neck and provide a different effect:

  • You have wrinkles on the forehead, on the eyebrows or on the outer corner of the eyes and cheeks and you need to have them removed, stretched or reduced;
  • You have fallen cheeks or temples and you need to raise them;
  • Your face and/or neck has folds and you need to be raised;
  • At Cosmoplast we offer the possibility of solving each and every one of the problems described above with facelifts performed by expert surgeons and extensive experience.

If you decide to have a facelift or rhytidectomy at Cosmoplast, request an appointment with our surgeon to personally evaluate your case. In this way, they will know and value your own characteristics and variabilities and will design the ideal procedure and techniques for you to achieve the aspect you want. In addition, at Cosmoplast we will advise you, guide you, and explain the entire process so that you can solve your doubts, schedule times, and have a budget tailored to you.

What does a facelift or rhytidectomy consist of?

Facial aging is different for each person and its progression can be accelerated for various reasons. It may depend on the type of genetics, the work you have, the amount of skin sun exposure or care.

Aging is seen more sharply on the face, the center of our image, and the place that suffers the most from the passing of age because it is our most exposed area and also the one that receives the most attention.

The signs of aging usually start in the area around the eyes (periocular) and progressively descend through the different facial regions until reaching the neck. This means that, depending on the area of ​​the face that you want to retouch, the associated surgical process changes, varying both the techniques, the method of placement, the length of the incisions, and the duration.

A facelift is a surgical operation that consists of removing the excess skin from an area to tighten the remaining skin and smooth it. The operation, which is reduced to a single intervention, usually lasting between 2 and 3 hours, is performed after successfully passing a thorough preoperative study and requiring anesthesia, which can be general or local.

The marks and scars of this type of intervention are usually negligible because the natural lines of our face are used, such as those that exist between the ears and the scalp to leave them perfectly camouflaged.

A face lift, in addition to retouching the skin, focuses on the muscular, bone and fat structures of the face, allowing a more natural and lasting effect to be achieved .

The facelift or rhytidectomy is one of the most requested cosmetic surgery operations today, both by men and women. In addition, it is a type of surgery that offers magnificent results and our patients continue to convey their satisfaction after the operation. Cosmoplast Clinic offers solutions to correct all kinds of wrinkles, furrows and signs of aging on the skin, as well as restore the shine, balance, and harmony of your face.

In the first consultation, your plastic surgeon will assess your health status and assess the specific case, offering you solutions and explaining the procedure, times of the intervention and budget, in order to offer you all the information, know the scope of the intervention and adapt to your wishes.

What types and forms of facelifts or rhytidectomies are there?

Depending on the type of facelift you want to perform, the face area, and the type of intervention scheduled, there is a technique that manages to treat the type of touch-up you want to achieve.

Lifting of the front and upper third of the face. Elevation of the forehead, eyebrows, external angle of the eyes and upper part of the cheeks, the wrinkles of the forehead are also attenuated by a cut that is made in the upper part of the forehead, inside the hair, like a headband that goes from side to side.

Mini lifting. Elevation of the cheeks and temples through a cut made within the hair of the temporal region that reaches to the tragus of the ear.

Reduced jock lift. Novel lifting technique with excellent results and very little aggressiveness that achieves elevation of the entire face and neck by suspending the superficial musculoaponeurotic system through a small cut that begins inside the hair of the temporal region, which then descends along the edge of the I swallow the ear to end in the earlobe.

Neck and cheek lift . A procedure that is applied in cases of marked flaccidity in the lower part of the cheeks and neck.

Endoscopic eyebrow lift. Elevation of the eyebrows by suspending the muscles with the help of a lighted tube (endoscope), which is passed under the skin of the forehead through a small centimeter incision.

Full lift with wide muscle suspension. It is the most important of the facial rejuvenation surgeries and the one that produces the best and most lasting results. In this facelift the skin muscles are suspended, as well as some deep ones, also removing excess skin. This lifting technique is indicated in cases of great flaccidity and facial sagging with or without wrinkles and furrows.

It is important to highlight and remember that these types of surgeries require evaluation by a qualified professional, which includes a medical examination, general or local anesthesia, and the best equipment. You will find all of this at Cosmoplast. We have the best surgeons, the best equipment, and an experience of more than 30 years being references in plastic-aesthetic surgery.

If you are considering a facelift or rhytidectomy, Cosmoplast has the latest techniques and advances in equipment and instruments and surgeons with more than 30 years of experience in liftings.

For whom is a facelift recommended?

A good candidate for a facelift is any person motivated by consolidated personal desires and without health problems that interfere in the intervention and subsequent recovery who want to improve their appearance, rejuvenate their face and/or restore tone, points of light or the facial reliefs, after, for example, having tried in other ways without success.

Cosmoplast Clinic takes care of all the details that can improve the care and quality of our interventions. If you need advice because you have doubts about the intervention, it is planning, its risks or the times in which the recovery is divided, call us and request an appointment with our surgeons, more than four decades of experience guarantee us.

How is the recovery from a Facial Surgery Lahore ?

A facelift is not usually painful. Discomfort is generally well controlled with pain relievers that your surgeon will provide.

The drain and bandage are usually removed between 24 and 48 hours after the intervention, after which, usually, the patient is discharged. The sutures, in a week. You can have inflammation and bruises on the face during the first 15 days. Afterward, the skin will no longer have that padded appearance and will improve until it achieves the effect you desire so much.

During the first two weeks after the intervention, it is advisable not to do physical activities, you will have to take specific care and avoid exposing the skin to the sun (in this case, for at least 3 months).

Despite being an intervention that directly affects the face, our patients usually return to work and normal life within two (2) weeks, after which time the inflammation disappears, the bruises and scars begin to hide, until they are imperceptible a few weeks later.

At Cosmoplast we will assist you so that you have a controlled and satisfactory postoperative period. Your surgeon will evaluate the results during the next dates, scheduling periodic visits in order to check the state of your face, as well as to resolve any doubts or unforeseen events you may have during your recovery.

What are the risks of having a facelift?

The risks of a facelift or rhytidectomy are the same as those that can appear in any surgical treatment, such as reactions to medication, inflammations, infections or bruises. These risks will be minimal if you follow your doctor’s recommendations after the intervention.

  • The interventions are performed under the hands of experienced surgeons in operating rooms that comply with the strictest safety regulations to prevent infections, complications, or infections.
  • All the material in our center is for single use and is disposed of safely after each intervention.
  • Anesthesia is performed by a certified anesthetist with more than 20 years of experience, assisted by modern anesthesia systems that monitor the constants required for complete patient control

If you are thinking of having a facelift or rhytidectomy, at Cosmoplast you will find the latest advances in equipment and instruments, a team of surgeons and nurses with experience, prestige and professionalism and results so satisfactory that they will exceed your expectations.

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