Double Chin Reduction & Removal

Double Chin is yet another look-spoiler on your face which can destroy your image of being “beautiful”. Not necessarily in fat men or women, sometimes the symptom is observed in slim people as well. Persona Delhi cosmetic surgery clinic provides various treatments and tips to get rid of it soon. For Double chin surgery, Lahore visit our clinic now


Large chin surgery is the most powerful way to remove the show of a large chin. Still, sometimes you may want more than just double chin surgery, the health may not get you a better person for large chin operation, or you may not rather as significant a procedure.  Neck-lift: Other types of neck-lift operations intend to remove excess surface (cervicoplasty) or reduce neck muscles (platysmaplasty) to change the shapes of the neck and chin. Physicians often add conventional face-lift with the process, which may have a hard look in the neck for several months.

The operation eases marks of aging in the face and neck. It tightens the sagging surface and smooths thick creases. It treats wide wrinkles and coarse surface that may have jowls or a large chin.

Almost 1 in 10 people who make facelifts are males. There are several causes, including the “ mini ” facelift. It frequently takes months for swelling to fully get down from any “ bed ” process.

Causes Of Double Chin

  • Fat cells accumulation in the body/ face.
  • Medication/ Medicine side-effects
  • Aging

How to get rid of a double chin?

Other Methods – Medication & Injections: For minor double chins, we prefer to cure via medication and injections sessions. Completely non-invasive in nature, the injections are result-driven methods for the reduction of the second-chin.

Cost – With face rejuvenation and skin toning, the treatment is still cost-effective when it comes to your face and smile.

Double chin surgery cost in Pakistan

Looking Double chin surgery Lahore? The price of double chin liposuction in Pakistan is between Rs: 65,000 to 150,000 Pakistani Rupees. The exact cost of double chin removal is only determined after a detailed examination by the Plastic surgeon.

Double chin Surgery Lahore | Double chin removal cost in Pakistan

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