Dimple Creation Surgery in Lahore

Dimple on the cheek looks very cute. The dimple is basically a gap in the buccinators muscle, so when anybody laughs the skin goes inside and gives a cute dimple. It can be on one side or both. Nowadays it is easy to create a dimple if you want to get Dimple Creation Surgery in Lahore call our assistant now at 03214945209,

Dimples on cheeks improve facial appearance and speech. They appear at both genders with no specific preponderance.  Patients express unilaterally or bilaterally.  This dimple genetically inherited as the dominant attribute. Anatomically, dimples are believed to be induced by the large or bifid zygomaticus major strength, whose fascial strands insert into the dermis and have the dermal tethering force. There is an increasing need for dimple creation operation at our section of the world. As a consequence, we have used the easy method for making cheek dimples in our patients.

Time Of The Procedure

The procedure requires about 30 min


It is done under local anesthesia

Post Op

The patient can go home immediately. initially, there is swelling for 3 to 4 days and the dimple is slightly deep and in due course, it gets better


It is a very safe procedure only thing that redoes may require after some months

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