Looking for closed rhinoplasty Surgery in lahore Pakistan? Dr Amin Yousaf is one of top and top certified Closed rhinoplasty surgeon in Pakistan. In closed surgery , the nasal structure is accessed through the holes, so it does not result in external scars. It is the typology used in patients in which the nose must be narrowed or reduced without implying a significant modification of the shape. Always, before a rhinoplasty, it is advisable to speak with a trusted surgeon in order, in the first place, to know what is the most appropriate form for the patient’s face and to know the technique that is going to be used. Book Your Consultationfor Rhinoplasty in Lahore

Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery in Lahore Pakistan

During a closed rhinoplasty procedure, the plastic surgeon makes small incisions inside the nostrils to gain access to the bone and cartilage. Unlike an open rhinoplasty, the skin is not shed from the nasal structure. Using very small instruments, the doctor will reshape the nose by either removing or adding bone, cartilage, and tissue, in order to achieve the desired appearance. Although some physicians prefer the closed technique due to the shorter procedure and recovery time, both types of procedures can produce excellent results.

We remind you that in addition to requesting an appointment at your closest clinic like our DHA Branch in Lahore or Johar town Brach in Lahore , you can request a video evaluation to our Rhinoplasty surgeon in lahore without obligation. Dr Amin Yousaf offer ultrasonic Rhinoplasty in Lahore .