Looking for buttock augmentation in Lahore or buttock implant surgery in Pakistan Dr Amin Yousaf is one of top and best plastic surgeon for buttock implant, Buttock implant or buttock augmentation in Lahore Pakistan is very popular procedure in Pakistan now a days. One of the most popular areas in male plastic surgery is buttock augmentation. There are different techniques and by using the most appropriate one for each patient, we manage to transform this area into round, more pronounced and much more attractive buttocks.


The buttocks is one of the areas of the human body that provide more beauty and sensuality. In the male physique, this area plays a fundamental role, being key to having a harmonious and much more striking silhouette, with which the patient feels comfortable when looking in the mirror.

To achieve the increase in the volume of buttocks there are different methods and techniques. It will be based on the patient’s preferences (if he wants temporary or definitive results) and the professional’s assessment, the most appropriate technique will be chosen for each case.


At Cosmoplast we are national pioneers in the performance of all buttock augmentation techniques with and without surgery. We carry out the 3 most effective ones: buttock augmentation with , buttock augmentation with prostheses and buttock augmentation with fat transfer, in the latter we perform prior liposculpture.

When you want to increase the buttocks but it is not known with certainty which treatment is the most indicated, the ideal is to consult both the aesthetic doctor and the plastic surgeon to make the best decision.


It is a treatment in which surgical intervention is not required, achieving attractive and immediate results in a single session. Before starting the application of hyaluronic acid, a small amount of local anesthesia is applied to minimize the possible discomfort derived from the injections. The aesthetic doctor takes no more than 45 minutes to equip the male buttocks with the new shape.

Once the application is finished, the treated area may be slightly inflamed. However, this inflammation will subside in the following hours and the next day the patient can already carry out totally normal activities. It will be the aesthetic doctor who will provide the follow-up guidelines in each case according to the patient’s lifestyle.

The buttock augmentation with hyaluronic acid is characterized by its simplicity, it does not require surgery and because recovery is fast. The results will start to show in no time. It is a procedure with temporary results that last up to 24 months


Buttock augmentation with prostheses is gaining more and more followers in the male sector, as both the results and the high quality of the prostheses guarantee the absence of complications as well as definitive results.

Ideal candidates are patients with a rather thin constitution. It is common in a man’s office that despite trying to gain muscle mass in the buttocks with intense exercise and a personalized diet, it is practically impossible to achieve it.

The advantage of prostheses is that they adapt perfectly to each patient and are totally safe.

To insert the prostheses, the surgeon makes an incision in the gluteal fold. It is performed in this area to prevent the scar from being imperceptible.

Among the advantages of this buttock augmentation treatment is that it is perfect for those patients who have little or no fat deposit available to perform Lipotransfer.

This type of buttock augmentation requires several days of rest, proceeding to remove the stitches 10 days after surgery. Until at least 6 weeks after surgery, activities that require a lot of effort will not be possible. The surgeon will be the one who gives the guidelines required for the postoperative period when proceeding to the surgical discharge.


This is another type of treatment to achieve the desired buttock volume increase in men . To do this, fat is extracted from one part or more of the body (donor areas) by means of Liposuction or Liposculpture. Once the fat is extracted, it is subjected to a purification process to, ultimately, be injected into the buttocks.

The incisions are made in strategic areas so that they are not noticeable. The patient does not require hospital admission and if the hours after surgery everything progresses favorably, they will be discharged the same day together with the indications for the postoperative period.

With Lipotransfer buttock augmentation the results are permanent and very natural.


The results of butt augmentation for men depend on the type of procedure performed. In the case of gluteal augmentation with hyaluronic acid, the results are temporary, reaching up to 24 months. However, the results achieved with lipotransfer buttock augmentation and prosthetics are permanent .


Get a perfect, voluminous butt with Butt Augmentation or buttock implants in Lahore Pakistan with Dr Amin Yousaf at cosmoplast. You have three options to choose from and in the first consultation without any cost or commitment, we will help you choose which one is the most suitable for you. Take advantage of the first free assessment and get advice from Dr Amin Yosuaf Buttock implants surgeon in Lahore.