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Breast Reduction Surgery in Lahore - Breast lift Surgery in Lahore

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Breast Reduction Surgery in Lahore

The breast reduction Surgery is a technique that allows reshaping large breasts, reducing their weight and size. Breast Reduction Surgery help tot improves aesthetics and relieves the spine and shoulders, which is why it is a significant improvement for health as well. Dr Amin Yousaf is one of top, best Plastic surgeon for breast reduction surgeon in Lahore, Book Your consultation now if you want to get breast reduction surgery in Lahore visit cosmoplast in johar town Lahore or our second branch of our cosmetic surgery clinic in 14-DD DHA Phase-4 Lahore

What is Breast Reduction Surgery

A breast reduction operation or reduction mammoplasty is a surgical-aesthetic intervention that consists of, first, reducing the size of the breast (and the areola, if necessary), eliminating fatty tissue, breast tissue and skin, and then raising position of the breasts at a height and with a more natural, comfortable and aesthetic volume.

How is the surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery in Lahore or The reduction mammoplasty is performed to cover two types of needs, one of aesthetic, since excessive breast improve their appearance with reduction and another for health reasons, improving discomfort back to the free from the weight surplus.

The surgical technique to be used depends on the volume to be reduced, the skin of the chest and the initial position of the areola-nipple joint.

Whenever possible, the incision is minimal and is concealed around the areola and a vertical incision or an inverted “T” -shaped (starting from the areola) is made, depending on the case.

This intervention is not only limited to reducing the breasts, but they are also evened out and given a natural and aesthetic shape. Therefore, it is an intervention of a somewhat longer duration than other plastic surgery.

How are the incisions

The incision is always the smallest possible. At the edge of the areola, it is concealed by the roughness of the tissue and the change in color, after a very few months; In the vertical incision or in the shape of an inverted “T”, trace minimization techniques are used, specific to cosmetic surgery, so that the scar becomes human (narrows and acquires the color of the rest of the surrounding skin) in a period of time from around six months to a year.


It is effective from the day of the intervention, but the final result is not consolidated until after a period of between three and eight months, which is the time that the breasts usually require to settle in their final shape.

Reduction mammoplasty – Breast Reduction Surgery in Lahore

Are you not comfortable with the size of your breasts? Always feel comfortable and at ease with yourself. Many women in Pakistan undergo breast reduction surgery in Lahore at our clinic for both health and aesthetic reasons. You also can! Request information without obligation with our best certified breast surgeon in Lahore and get the best results.

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