The main objective of Breast Augmentation Surgery in Lahore pakistan is to correct separated ears or known as blown ears with the intention of placing them at a natural distance from the skull. It is a surgical intervention aimed at correcting the excessive separation of the ears, the size and / or the shape . The earlobes can also be reduced when they are excessively large. Ear deformities can range from a very noticeable projection of the ear due to the absence of the antehelix or the helix to the total absence of the ear (microtia treatment in Lahore), although the most frequent Breast Augmentation in Lahore is the operation of detached ears (puff ears , separate, prominent, or also known as looped ears).

What is augmentation augmentation?

For many women, the size of their breasts is very important and having small breasts can be a reason for insecurity or mistrust. That is why many women decide to increase their breasts in Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia and achieve a more proportionate body and, ultimately, feel better about their body . In Pakistan, each year, approximately 18,000 women undergo a surgical procedure to increase their breasts.

The latest advances in implant technology, as well as surgical techniques, make breast augmentation surgery a viable, accessible and natural option to fulfill that desire. The augmentation mammoplasty involves placing an implant or prosthesis behind the breast, in order to increase its volume and get a better look of small breasts. The key to getting good results is naturalness. To achieve a natural appearance, the type of implant used is very important, as there are several types.

Breast augmentation is a safe intervention performed by the best professional medical team in this type of treatment with the aim of achieving the satisfaction of all patients who undergo this type of surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery produces completely effective results and effects , especially long-lasting and noticeable in women who have a small breast since puberty (also known as hypoplasia) or who have even lost volume after different situations such as pregnancies.

Who can have breast augmentation Surgery in Lahore?

This breast enlargement treatment is especially recommended for any woman who wants to increase the size of her breasts and feel better about her body. It is important to be in good physical and mental health and comply with the corresponding preoperative protocols.

Before performing the intervention, the doctor will perform a medical examination and explain the pros and cons of the operation. In addition, they will advise you on the type of implants that exist and the most recommended for you.

The most important thing at all times is that you are sure to perform the procedure and, later, choose the best breast augmentation clinic in Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona. At Cosmoplast Lahore we have great professionals with extensive years of experience in this type of treatment, as well as quality services to achieve total patient satisfaction.

Types Of Prostheses

There are prostheses for augmentation mammoplasty in different sizes and shapes. The prostheses consist of a soft-touch silicone outer shell, which may contain saline or liquid silicone gel.

The choice of one implant or another must be made in a consensual way with the doctor who is going to perform the operation. He will personally be in charge of indicating the characteristics of each of them and advising you on which implant is best for your body .

The most modern and safe implants are filled with cohesive silicone gel. Taking into account the patient’s preferences and after a complete physical analysis, the most suitable type of implant or prosthesis will be recommended for this surgery to increase the breast .

There are three different positions in which these implants can be placed:

Types Of Incisions In Breast Augmentation

To place the prosthesis, usually small incisions are made , in three different ways:

  1. Through an incision in the armpit . It is a very comfortable way to operate and its main advantage is that the scar, although it is very small, remains outside the breast, which is why it is the least visible scar of all. However, at LC’s we are not very in favor of this route due to its main drawback. In the armpit area there are a series of nodes that collect all the lymphatic drainage from the mammary area. These nodes are used in one of the most important breast cancer diagnostic tests available. Due to the possibility of invalidating this test for the future with this type of incision, at Cosmoplast we are not very in favor of using it.
  2. Through an incision around the mammary areola (on the lower outer margin of it). The scar is usually hidden where the skin changes color. However, its main disadvantage is that the access involves somehow going through the mammary gland. That is why, even if it is minimal, there is always a higher degree of infection, since all the milk ducts that may contain microorganisms from the skin area will be here and the prosthesis has to cross this space

Not all routes are possible in all breasts, so it will be the Cosmoplast surgeon who will present all this information to the patient to decide which is the best for her based on her needs and characteristics.

The prosthesis will be placed in the retropectoral plane, that is, behind the muscle, since, in the long term, it is the method that gives the best long-term results. if your want to get Breast Augmentation Surgery in Lahore Pakistan from Dr Amin Yousaf call us now

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