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Our Experienced hair specialists provides completely natural results, which contributes to the well-being of our patients. We offer for your Micrograft and Hair Transplant Lahore, with the most prestigious plastic surgeons who are specialists in Micrograft and Hair Transplantation and the most advanced equipment. The hair graft to recover lost hair has been carried out for several decades, but it was not until recently that this surgery became widespread thanks to the fact that the techniques have improved considerably. Restore your hairline at best hair transplant in Lahore With a minimally invasive procedure

Now, as long as we put ourselves in the hands of an experienced and properly trained professional, we can achieve very natural results

Objectives of the FUE technique

The aim of the FUE technique is to provide patients as well as an aesthetic result. At Best hair transplant in Lahore our Results improve self – esteem of all those who suffer from hair loss, or have a receding hairline.

The  FUE Technique is a minimally invasive technique to recover hair. On the other hand, it has very short recovery time and with which excellent results are obtained.

Through a non-surgical surgical tool known as a “punch”, the follicular units are removed one by one from the donor area, for subsequent placement in the hairless area.

FUE preoperative technique

  • Despite being an outpatient surgical treatment, patients have to undergo preoperative tests, which include  blood tests and a simple electrocardiogram  (all of this is done in our clinic).
  • It is important to  assess the general state of health of patients , in addition to  assessing  the  causes  that have caused hair loss before the intervention.
  • This is an important condition to guarantee security as well as to obtain the desired results. At Cosmopalst, each case and each patient is evaluated in a personalized way, and medical treatment will be proposed based on the degree of hair loss or loss
  • Both our medical consultations and FUE surgeries are performed by Dr Amin Hair transplant specialist.

FUE technique without scars, without stitches and with very natural results

  • The donor area will be left with no visible scars,  and recovery is very fast. The small whitish spots that could be left are barely noticeable, which will allow a very short haircut.
  • It is essential to achieve absolutely natural results to create a fine and regular line, with progressive density. Also, to reproduce the fine hair that precedes the main hairline.
  • It is performed under local anesthesia, by the specialist doctors at Cosmoplast Lahore.
  • For certain cases we can use the FUE PATCHY technique without shaving, it is a variant of the traditional FUE technique, where the only difference is that it is not necessary to shave.

FUE Technique: Fast, safe, painless and effective treatment

The intervention with the FUE technique varies. But depending on each case, between 1,000 and 3,000 hairs are transplanted, and all without pain. Hospitalization is not necessary, and the patient will return to his home after the intervention without any bandage.

In conclusion; In order to obtain the aesthetic results that the patient wants, it is essential that the medical specialist in the  FUE Technique not only has a broad knowledge of anatomy and technique but also of the aesthetic sense.

The intervention is delicate. It is precisely these small details of the surgery that will determine the difference that appears between good and bad results.

Advantages of the FUE Technique

Minimally Invasive Technique

The extraction of follicles with the FUE technique is very little invasive for patients and only local anesthesia and oral sedation are required. The follicles removed and then reinserted into the area to be treated, are obtained from the back of the head or from the sides.

Accuracy In The Number Of Grafts Performed

Since the follicular units are removed one by one, the count will be accurate. By knowing the number of grafted follicles, we can know the final price and how much area is going to be covered.

Natural Results With The Fue Hair transplant

Another important factor to achieve natural results and for this, we draw correctly the line of the forehead of the transplant, that is, the hairline. This has to be consistent and compatible with sex, with age and race, as well as being in harmony with the patient’s face.

Shorter Postoperative With Quick Recovery

There are no stitches or scar marks, so after the treatment, you can continue with the normal rhythm of life. Also, there is no pain or tightness.

No Rest Period Required

No rest period is required, the next day you can do physical activity.

Possibility Of Subsequent Interventions

As there are no scars in the donor area or seams, we can continue with the extraction of follicles whenever the patient wishes.

The FUE Technique involves 7 effective and painless quick steps

  1. Taking pictures

Initially, medical photographs  obtained in certain positions. In this way we document the case of the specific patient and analyze the post-operative results. Each patient will have their own photo file with the stages of the treatment.

2. Design of the donor area and the recipient area

The doctor will mark the donor area and the recipient area. With a surgical marker, you will design what the limits of each area will be. The donor area may be partially or totally shaved.

  1. Withdrawal of the follicular units from the donor area

  • After having prepared the donor area, either the posterior area or the lateral area of ​​the scalp, we will apply local anesthesia.
  • The donor area is the area where we will extract the hair, which will be transplanted to the recipient area that does not have hair.
  • With no genetic code, the hairs in the donor area have no tendency to fall out.
  • The extraction will be carried out with the punch, which is a millimetric surgical instrument.
  • After cutting the hair with the punch, the follicular units are extracted from the scalp with a tweezer very delicately.

The average of the follicular units that are extracted in a single session is approximately 1,100 follicles. This represents about 2,000 or 3,000 hairs. It will depend on each patient and the density of the donor area.

Finally, we will get a number of follicular units. These, multiplied by the number of hairs in each follicle, will be the exact number of hairs that we transplant.

  1. Preparation of the follicular units

After extraction, the follicular units are saved or stored. It will be done in a certain solution in order to keep the follicles alive. One of the medical team assistants will begin preparing these follicular units with magnifying loupes.

This correct preparation and conservation of the follicular units are very important for the hair FUE Technique to be successful.

  1. Conservation of follicular units

The correct conservation of these follicular units will be important for survival during the time they are outside the patient’s body. These follicular units will have to be hydrated and with the appropriate temperature throughout the process until they are implanted in the receiving area.

  1. Implantation of follicular units

In this phase of the process, we anesthetize the receiving area, and we will make the small holes where we implant the follicular units.The incisions are made with blades or microsurgical needles with very little thickness. The depth of this incision will be equal to the length of the follicular unit. Thus, possible damage to blood vessels is avoided.

The follicular units will be implanted one by one in the area with alopecia in the woman. or male, that is, the receiving area. In this way, the distribution, inclination, and direction patterns of natural hair.

  1. After the procedure

  • After the procedure, we can say that about 80% of the hairs that are transplanted fall out between the 3rd and 6th week after surgery. But leaving the roots on the scalp.
  • From these roots, it is from where the new hairs will grow. Growth will restart 3-4 months after the procedure, slowly and progressively.
  • The final results observed between the 10th and the 12th month after the intervention.

Since the hair we transplant does not have the genetic code, they do not tend to fall out. Therefore, the result of the transplant is for life.

Frequently asked questions about Micrograft and hair transplant in Lahore

  • What are micrografts and hair transplantation?
  • Reasons are there to have a hair transplant?
  • What types of hair transplants can I have?
  • Advantages of having a hair transplant?
  • For whom is it recommend?
  • How is the recovery?
  • What risks does it have?

What are micrografts and hair transplantation?

The hair graft, technically known as a capillary micrograft or follicular micro transplantation, is the surgical procedure that definitively treats hair loss.

Microsurgery technique that consists of extracting hair from the patient himself from those areas that are not affected by alopecia (such as the nape of the neck or both sides of the head) to implant them in the areas where it has fallen .

Its results are natural and permanent, being one of the procedures of cosmetic surgery with the greatest pull today, and applied to both men and women who need to solve their hair loss problems due to age or genetics.

Best Hair transplant in Lahore Expected Results

Hair transplant surgeries offer magnificent results because they manage to return the image lost or threatened by hair loss, implanting hair that will not fall again. This type of intervention requires the best surgeon, who accumulates years of experience and who has the most modern and safe equipment. At Cosmoplast we are specialists in reconstructive and restorative surgery and we have extensive experience. The satisfaction of our clients is our best argument to explain why we have remained a benchmark in plastic and cosmetic surgery in Lahre Pakistan for more than four decades.


 Hair transplant cost in Pakistan

What are the most common reasons to have a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is an ideal surgical procedure for all those who suffer from alopecia.

The fall of the hair is, for the vast majority of men, one of the biggest problems aesthetic, cause of loss of confidence, of self – esteem and focus complex. Suffering from alopecia, either because you are old enough to have your hair fall out or because you are genetically predisposed, is one of the problems that consume the most resources and effort to try to reduce or eradicate it as much as possible.

Treatments to treat alopecia such as hair micrografting solve the problems of alopecia in a definitive and lasting way, becoming one of the current aesthetic medical procedures today.

Therefore, if you suffer any of the following hair problems, the hair micrograft is one of the ideal solutions to solve it:

  • Men or women suffering from common baldness (androgenetic alopecia);
  • Women and men who want to strengthen the first line of hair ;
  • The People with scarring alopecia ;
  • People who have suffered alopecia after a surgical intervention (lifting);
  • Who want to populate eyebrows or beards ;
  • People who need alopecia treatments after undergoing radiotherapy, chemotherapy, an accident, or a burn.

At Cosmoplast we offer the possibility of solving each and every one of the problems previously described with treatments for alopecia, such as hair micrografts and extensive experience.

What types of hair micrograft can I have?

At Cosmoplast we carry out treatments to combat alopecia differently, depending on the patient’s personal characteristics and wishes:

Fuss technique. The Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) technique is the classic capillary micrograft technique. It consists of removing a strip of the scalp by surgical procedure and obtaining the follicular units of the skin (which can accommodate up to 4 hairs) to reimplant them where there is no hair.

The technique of Individual Extraction of Follicular Units consists of obtaining one by one the follicular units from the area known as the ‘donor’ (usually behind the nape of the neck or on both sides of the head), to implant them where there are none.

Procedure overview

It is a simple procedure that requires great precision. Minimally invasive and requires no cuts or stitches. After this treatmetn recovery is faster than from the Fuss technique. Intervention that can last hours and require more than one session.

If you decide to have a hair micrograft at Cosmoplast , request an appointment with our surgeon to personally evaluate your case. In this way, he will know and assess your own characteristics and variabilities and will design the ideal procedure and techniques for you to achieve the hair and the look that you so desired. In addition, at Cosmoplast we will advise you, guide you, and explain the entire process so that you can solve your doubts, schedule times, and have a budget tailored to you.

What are the advantages of having a hair micrograft?

Hair micrografts can solve your alopecia problem in an effective and lasting way. Among the main advantages, we highlight:

  • You are your own hair donor (there is no possibility of rejection of implanted hair);
  • No post-graft treatment is necessary to reinforce the results;
  • It does not require hospitalization (after the intervention, the patient will be able to return home to start his recovery, leading a normal life);
  • It is a surgery that does not require general anesthesia (local anesthesia is used);
  • The results are permanent, natural and last a lifetime ;
  • Scientifically proven that the micrograft returns the patient’s lost hair in a safe and effective way.

It is important to highlight and remember that these types of surgeries require evaluation by a qualified professional, which includes a medical examination , local anesthesia, and the best equipment. You will find all of this at Cosmoplast. We have the best surgeons, the best equipment, and an experience of more than 30 years being references in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

If you are considering having a hair micrograft, Cosmopalst Clinic has the latest techniques and advances in equipment and instruments and surgeons with more than 30 years of experience in hair transplants.

Dr. Amin Best Hair transplant surgeon Lahore Pakistan

Dr. Amin is a certified best hair transplant surgeon in Lahore with more experience and recognition in all over Pakistan. Since 2012 it has concentrated its activity in hair surgery and Cosmetic treatment, becoming an international benchmark. Internationally referenced and has extensive experience in hair transplants  Post Graduated in Plastic surgery from CPSP and get training for hair transplant for the USA

Dr. Amin Hair transplant Surgeon Lahore uses the Follicular Unit Extraction technique (FUE by its initials in English), it consists of the most advanced and effective hair recovery currently available. Although it is a very laborious method, it has two great advantages: on the one hand, it DOES NOT LEAVE SCARS, since it does not require cutting a strip of the scalp and doing a “cut and paste” (like the traditional hair transplant) and on the other, it offers a definitive hair repopulation.

Extract Process

The technique consists of the Extraction of Follicular Units and their reimplantation in the depopulated areas. Follicular units removed through incisions of less than 1 millimeter (0.7 – 0.9mm) that heal within 48 hours. As it is not necessary to remove a strip of skin, as in the traditional hair transplant, there is no scar or mark left in the “donor” areas. This will allow patients who wish to do so to have very short or even shaved hair.

As the hair transplant done by obtaining hairs one by one, the procedure is slow and painstaking, but as a counterpart, it does not present post-surgical risks nor does it require recovery time: the patient can resume his normal life almost immediately after undergoing an FUE session.

The treatment IS NOT PAINFUL OR INVASIVE and allows to obtain a much more natural result by being able to regulate the density of the new hair. The design made based on what the plastic surgeon and the patient decided together.

Best Candidate for Hair Transplant?

A good candidate for a hair transplant any person motivated by consolidated personal wishes.  Candidate having no health problems that interfere with the intervention and subsequent recovery.  Candidate wants to undergo a hair micrograft treatment to solve their baldness.

Cosmopalst Clinic takes care of all the details that can improve the care and quality of our interventions. If you need advice because you have doubts about the intervention, it’s planning, its risks or the times in which the recovery, call us and request an appointment with our surgeons, more than four decades of experience guarantee us.

How is the recovery after a hair micrograft?

If you undergo a hair micrograft treatment with the Fuss technique, the recovery may be slower because the surgical intervention requires the use of a scalpel, and there is a scar.

With the method It was the surgical material used is a minimally invasive microscopic instrument, which does not require cuts or stitches, making recovery easier because it does not leave a scar .

After the intervention and the transplantation of the follicles, a short period of adaptation begins, which can range from 2 to 5 months , between which the hair will begin to grow normally, just as it would in the area. from which it was extracted.

The body recognizes the graft as its own, producing the vascular circulation necessary for it to grow normally. During the first days, it is advisable to use a special antiseptic shampoo and avoid physical activity, sunbathing or sweating.

After a week of the intervention, the patient can remove the stitches from the donor area. Once removed, the patient will see the hair grow up to 1cm per month. After 12 months, patients will also be able to see how it also improves thickness and consistency.

At Cosmoplast we will assist you so that you have a controlled and satisfactory postoperative period. Your surgeon will evaluate the results during the next dates, scheduling periodic visits in order to check the condition of your hair, as well as to resolve any doubts or unforeseen events you may have during your recovery.

What are the risks of having a hair micrograft?

  • The risks related to hair micrografting focus on bleeding, infections, or the use of anesthesia.
  • The interventions performed under the hands of experienced surgeons in operating rooms that comply with the strictest safety regulations to prevent infections, complications, or infections.
  • All the material in our center is for single-use and dispose of safely after each intervention.
  • Anesthesia performed by a certified anesthetist with more than 20 years of experience, assisted by modern anesthesia systems that monitor the constants required for complete patient control.

Why Cosmoplasty for Hair transplant Lahore

If you are thinking of getting a hair micrograft, at Cosmoplast you will find the latest advances in equipment and instruments, a team of surgeons and nurses with experience, prestige and professionalism, and such satisfactory results that will exceed your expectations.

Cosmoplast is a private clinic located in the Johar town Lahore, with the opening of this center, Capilclinic brings all its experience in hair transplants to the capital. Being able to help in many ways and recover their hair in this way.


Facilities created and adapted in order to offer the best hair transplant service. In addition, we work with the best and most modern hair implant material.

Solving the problems related to alopecia can be very simple if you go to experienced and talented professionals working with cutting-edge technologies such as Dr. Amin hair transplant surgeon Lahore.

Hair graft with FUE at Cosmoplast Lahore

FUE hair transplant techniques having numerous benefits, and that is why nowadays people from all over Pakistan are asking us more and more to be able to perform their transplant at Cosmoplast Lahore.

So, if you are looking for the best option to have a  hair transplant in Lahore with guaranteed results and at the best price.  We recommend that you contact Cosmoplasty Lahore by Dr. Amin’s best hair transplant surgeon Lahore.

We are the best option in the capital since we have experience in our clinics in various countries. We always have the best-qualified professionals and cutting-edge facilities.

The best hair graft at the best price

Although it is the best option in search of results to the millimeter.  FUE hair transplant technique is not a technique that is absolutely prohibitive. Not much less. A good example is the inexpensive packs we offer at Cosmoplast Lahore. FUE hair transplant with the maximum number of implants that admits your alopecia,

FUE hair graft and the micro FUE hair transplant for beard transplant are much cheaper in our centers than in similar ones.  Two factors that are absolutely essential to reduce costs and offer the most competitive prices in the sector.

Hair graft in Lahore for life

Unlike what happens with other specialized hair transplant clinics. Cosmoplast we guarantee in writing and in advance to all our patients that the results.  They will obtain after undergoing a hair graft in our center. At Cosmoplast patients results, satisfaction is 100%

The highest quality at the best price of Hair Graft with the FUE technique

You do not need to come to our Clinic to know the exact price of the hair graft with the FUE Technique. A hair transplant in a small area, such as the eyebrows or the beard, can take 4 to 5 hours.  Hair transplant in larger areas, which are 2 days. In larger areas, Usually done from 1000 follicles to 3000 follicles.

FUE technique hair transplant price in Lahore Pakistan

The Prices for Hair Graft with the FUE technique are Rs 30 To 50 Rupees per follicular unit, They include:

Full-service FUE: planning, design, extraction procedure, implantation process, aftercare products.

  • Medical and nursing staff fees.
  • Medicines necessary during the operative treatment.
  • Operating room expenses.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Local anesthesia.
  • Aftercare products.
  • Postoperative reviews.

The choice of Hair Specialist

Hair transplantation is a surgery that has very natural results when performed by experienced and reference doctors. With the increase in the supply of hair transplants, the choice of the doctor can be difficult. But this is a very important decision to select a best hair specialist. Surgery results will impact your entire life. If the wrong choice could jeopardize your emotional state. Therefore, your choice must be careful. Here are some tips that may be helpful:

Dedication:  It is important that the team exclusively dedicate to hair surgery.

Training:  Check the general training of the doctor.  He at lease must be having 5 years of experience. He must hold a diploma in the related field. The doctor should be a member of a Hair Transplant Society.

Participation In Congresses:  As in any other field of medicine, it is essential to have updated professionals.

References In The Medical Center:  The best hair transplant doctors recognized by their colleagues, patients and for their work.

Some precautions to keep in mind:

Very Low Cost: Some clinics offer services at very attractive prices, be careful. Hair surgery is a Plastic surgery procedure and must  performed by experienced professionals. The results of a poorly done transplant are definitive and often difficult to correct. Use your common sense.

Great Insistence:  Be wary of calling centers many times to try and convince you to undergo surgery. The pressure is negative and leads people to make poor decisions.

* Reconstruction of anterior hair grafts (FUSS technique or implantation with the forceps).  At Best Hair transplant in Lahore hair graft prices with the FUE technique are + 25% s / normal price.  It is essential to sure that  cost varies from case to case

Your Micrograft Results at Best Hair Transplant in Lahore 

Dr. Amin at Best  Hair transplant in  Lahore is the most recommended choice if you are looking for a center specialized in the treatment and prevention of alopecia using advanced hair micrografting techniques with the maximum guarantees of safety and competence. The experience accumulated over more than four decades places us as the best aesthetic center.

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