Are you looking for Arm liposuction surgery in lahore Pakistan ? Dr Amin Yousaf is one of top and best liposuction surgeon in Lahore Pakistan; Board certified surgeon Arm liposuction doctor in Pakistan. Arm Liposuction is a procedure that is performed almost exclusively on women. The arms are areas in which women tend to accumulate fat, in many cases they have a slim body but the arms are thick and sometimes with hanging skin on the upper part, this is because women generally have the skin of the arms much smoother and they are less muscular than those of men. Diets and sports are certainly a good way to keep fit and lose fat, but arm fat is especially resistant to its disappearance.

The ideal candidates to perform a liposuction on the arms are those that, even having excess fat, have good skin, without much laxity or stretch marks. Arm liposuction will not be a treatment for obesity.

Traditional Arm Liposuction

Traditional liposuction in Lahore consists of the introduction of the cannula arms on the inside that are connected to a suction pump. The surgeon makes small forward and backward movements that break up the fat while activating the aspiration. Today traditional liposuction is known as dry liposuction and it has almost fallen into disuse due to the fact that blood loss is greater than with the wet liposuction technique and that the damage produced in the tissues is greater.

Tumescent Arm liposuction surgery in lahore Pakistan

Tumescent liposuction is based on the initial infiltration of abundant fluid made up mostly of physiological serum and by anesthesia ( lidocaine ) and epinephrine , also called adrenaline, which is a hormone and neurotransmitter that has the property of contracting blood vessels.

The amount of tumescent fluid injected is approximately 50 cubic centimeters for each two-by-five-centimeter area. With this liquid it is possible (at the same time as anesthetizing the area) to widen and harden the compartments that house the fat, making its extraction much easier and considerably reducing bleeding. On the other hand, inflammation and bruising will also be much less after the intervention.

Arm liposuction surgery in lahore Pakistan

But arm liposuction in Lahore alone will not be enough when there is a lot of excess tissue, or the skin is not as smooth and elastic as to readjust to its new configuration. In these cases, if you want to have well-contoured arms, you will have to perform an extra surgery to remove the excess skin, as well as the internal tissues, which will result in a scar that goes from the armpit to the elbow.

Arm Liposuction – Post-Operative

Af Our plastic surgeon offer a special garment (pressure therapy cuffs) should be worn that compresses the arm for approximately a month or a month and a half. After two or three days the patient will be able to carry out a normal activity, but without making great efforts. There will be a small swelling and you will feel some discomfort but it is very bearable and that will be reduced with the administration of an analgesic that the surgeon will indicate. It is highly recommended to have lymphatic drains that will help to eliminate the edema that may occur. Book Your online free consultaion now regarding Liposuction in Lahore