Mommy Makeover Surgery

Mommy Makeover = Tummy Tuck + Breast Lift Surgery+ Genital Rejuvination +Laser For Striae

The joy of becoming a mother is something most women look forward to and cherish.

Unfortunately, however, pregnancy and breast feeding usually take their toll on the female body.

When diet and exercise have failed and non-surgical treatments have had no effect, these changes can often leave women feeling self-conscious and embarrassed about the appearance of their bodies.

By combining various surgical procedures into one treatment known as a Mommy Makeover, Dr. HARSH AMIN can create a dramatic cosmetic transformation: full and perky breasts; a tummy that is flat and firm; and most – if not all – of those dreaded stretch marks gone. A Mommy Makeover will help you feel more attractive, confident, and comfortable with your body; it will enable you to embrace the joy of motherhood anew and beautiful.

Who is a candidate?

If any of the following concerns affect you and you wish to do something about it, you may be an ideal candidate for a Mummy Makeover procedure :

The ideal candidate for a Mummy Makeover is a healthy woman of any age who has stopped breastfeeding and does not plan any further pregnancies.

A Mommy Makeover is not a good idea for women who intend to have more children, as further pregnancies post Mommy Makeover will undo all the work that has been done.

Intended Result

Procedure Description

A Mommy Makeover is a combination of cosmetic procedures designed to reverse these effects and may include any of the following treatments:

* Terms & conditions apply.

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