What is liposculpture treatment in Lahore?

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what is liposculpture?

It is one of the most popular and demanded interventions in plastic surgery. It consists of reshaping the silhouette through the extraction of fat or adipose tissue from various parts of the body through various liposuctions since it is a combination of even up to four liposuction areas.

Sometimes, if the patient wishes, part of the fat removed can be used to increase the volume of the buttocks in a procedure known as lipotransfer . In this way, the fat that has been extracted in the liposuction procedure is reused to provide volume to an area such as the buttock. Sometimes, even this extracted fat can be used to increase the volume of other body areas, such as the chest, cheeks, or cheekbones.

This technique consists of the selective elimination of the accumulated fat in different areas of the body.

Liposuction basically consists of the extraction of body fat from those areas where its accumulation distorts the body shape, through the use of a cannula and a suction pump.

Currently, it is probably the surgical technique used in the largest number of cases per year in Cosmetic Surgery worldwide. It is not a painful intervention since it can be performed using various types of anesthesia. Virtually all areas of the body are susceptible to remodeling by liposuction; It can be done by extracting more or less fat from them. Although the most commonly treated areas are:

  • The abdomen ( abdominoplasty ).
  • Hips, thighs, and knees.
  • It is also frequent to do it on the lower back.

The arms, ankles, without forgetting that we can make microaspiration of fat on the face and neck.

The postoperative period of liposuction in Lahore with ultrasound

The postoperative period presents some slight localized discomfort in the intervened areas, but it is perfectly controllable by pain relievers or anti-inflammatories.

The scars it leaves are minimal , less than half a cm in each operated area, which are then  practically invisible . They are also made in body areas that are generally hidden, such as skin folds, pubic hair area, etc.


With this intervention, it is possible to permanently improve the contour of the body and it can be performed in many parts of the body, in addition to providing harmony in the body in a completely natural way, since all those deposits of fat that are impossible to remove with other forms such as exercise or diets. In women, the most frequent areas of liposculpture are:

  • The inner side of the arms
  • Axillary extension of the breasts
  • Abdomen
  • Hips / flanks / waist
  • Thighs (pouches and inner face)
  • The inner side of the knees

In men, the most frequent areas in which this treatment is usually applied are:

  • Abdomen
  • Hips / flanks / waist
  • Breasts (Gynecomastia)

This procedure is not indicated to treat obesity problems, but to improve the figure of the body and mold certain specific parts of it. In addition, it helps prevent cellulite. Areas such as the double chin or the face cannot be treated by liposculpture treatment of Dr. Amin.


The first consultation is essential for the surgeon to assess the patient’s health, determine the accumulation of fat, the viability of the procedure, and the results to be expected.

Alternative methods to improve body contour, such as Abdominoplasty, will also be explained to the patient.

The options or the best combination of fat removal procedures will be analyzed in the consultation so that the patient can achieve the desired objectives.

How is liposculpture surgery?

Depending on the amount of fat to be removed, local anesthesia plus sedation or general may be administered. This must be determined by the surgeon after evaluating the patient and his medical history.

The duration of a Liposculpture surgery depends on the number of areas to be treated and the amount of fat to be removed. It can range from an hour and a half to 3 hours.

Initially, a small incision is made in each of the areas where liposuction will be performed. The incision is only 3 mm, wide enough to allow a small cannula to be inserted to allow excess fat to be aspirated . The surgeon moves the cannula between the fatty deposits under the skin, dissolving the fat and sucking it out. Being so small, the incisions will be invisible.

In addition to fat removal, a special skill on the part of the surgeon is required to carry out body remodeling and achieve a beautiful and balanced silhouette.


After performing the fat extraction through this body remodeling treatment, you must carry out a series of recommendations that the doctor will indicate so that the postoperative period is carried out without any complications. Among these indications, the patient will be given the prescription of the medicines to be taken, as well as their respective indications to take them. It will also provide you with the appropriate appointment for review to monitor how your liposculpture results are going .

Immediately after the intervention, the surgeon places a girdle on the patient that will help the skin adhere to the new body contour. This girdle is included in the final price of the Liposculpture and must be worn for 30 days.

What to do after the operation?

Upon leaving the hospital, the patient receives the necessary medication to alleviate the discomfort derived from the surgery that will persist for about 10 days, such as inflammation and bruising.

After surgery, it is normal to feel heaviness due to the excess fluids that are administered and the liposuctioned areas are inflamed and bruised. The patient will be able to return to daily activity after 2 or 3 days. It is for this reason that it is recommended to maintain rest for the first few days, and then gradually increase activity.

During the first month, intense exercise should be avoided, although moderate walks are recommended to reduce fluid retention.

The surgeon will prescribe the postoperative massage treatment to be carried out to optimize results and speed recovery.

The days after the intervention you should drink plenty of fluids and avoid sun exposure until your doctor tells you to. In addition, you should not drink alcohol or smoke for the next 15 days.

Liposculpture Results

Although the results are immediate, it is not until after a certain time that the new silhouette is clearly seen. These results will be definitive as long as you maintain a proper diet and exercise regularly.

With liposculpture you will have a flat stomach again and you will be able to shape your body silhouette . In addition, it provides volume in other parts of the body where necessary.


Liposculpture is not recommended in people with vascular, diabetes, coronary or circulatory diseases. In the case of very overweight patients, they should first treat their obesity problem first.

Pregnant or lactating women may not undergo this intervention either. Nor in people who have undergone operations in the areas to be treated.

Likewise, this body remodeling treatment is also not recommended for minors or people who have unrealistic expectations of this treatment.

In the first evaluation, the patient should inform the doctor if they are in any of the following situations, as they may affect the correct procedure of liposculpture treatment :

  • Are smokers
  • They drink alcohol
  • Suffer from bleeding disorders
  • Have an autoimmune or systemic disease
  • Have heart or heart problems

Treatment Characteristics

  • Application time: 1 to 2 hours
  • Appreciation of results: from 30 days after the intervention
  • Anesthesia: local and sedation
  • Duration of results: definitive if the patient leads a healthy life
  • Possibility of financing

liposculpture Lahore

With this body remodeling treatment in Lahore. you will be able to show off the figure you want and feel comfortable with yourself. In the price, you have everything included and if you prefer, you can finance the treatment. We will wait for you! we are happy to inform you without any commitment so that you can make your best decision.

Benefits of Ultrasonic and Laser Vibroliposuction

  • Body Remodeling (true liposculpture) of the latest generation.
  • A minimally invasive technique so it produces less bleeding and early recovery.
  • The decrease in intervention time.
  • Extraction of up to 10 liters in a single intervention.
  • More than 20 years of experience in this technique. Dr. Millán’s team was the first in Spain to use ultrasound.


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