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Hymenoplasty is a surgical process by which the hymen is restored. The hymen is a fibrous and elastic tissue that is located at the entrance to the vagina and that usually serves as a guarantee of female virginity. We often say that, on some occasions, the hymen breaks due to blows, excessive menstrual bleeding or, even, some women are born without a hymen. For Hymenoplasty Lahore or Hymen Repair- Virginity Surgery in Lahore Pakistan visit our clinic or get free online detail information about the procedure and cost call us now: 032314945209

Every day, more women have a hymenoplasty for personal or cultural reasons. It is a very simple intervention that requires minimal post-operative care. It is simply recommended to sit on padded surfaces the first few days to avoid discomfort.

Today there are still many questions regarding hymenoplasty because it is a new cosmetic surgery operation. The first thing to clarify is that after the hymenoplasty, the hymen returns to the initial position, that is, it returns to be exactly the same as before it had broken.

What does hymenoplasty consist of?

The hymen is a connective membrane epithelium located at the entrance to the vagina, which somehow covers, not entirely, the vaginal opening, giving way to discharge and menstruation.

There are different types of hymen in terms of shape and length: annular hymen (which in the form of a ring covers the edge of the vagina), the septate hymen (longitudinal to the diameter of the vagina), cribriform hymen (the membrane is sectioned into several holes leaving a colander shape). The strength of the hymen tissue will depend on its shape, with the annular hymen being the case with the greatest ease in rupture and the cribriform and partitioned the most resistant and consistent. The hymenIt is a characteristic of the virgin state and throughout history up to our times it has been taken into account in a cultural way, so its loss may be a sociocultural problem. Science has developed the technique that rebuilds this membrane, the hymenoplasty .

Hymenoplasty Lahore | Hymen repair Surgery | Virginity Surgery Lahore

Within intimate surgery there are two types of hymenoplasty; In the first, there is hymenal caruncle or hymen remains that may be of a short time or long evolution, in this case, we would repair the existing tissue, and in the second and more complex hymen remains, this surgery would consist in the reconstruction of the hymen from other vaginal tissue.

The hymenoplasty, usually done under local anesthesia, and depending on the characteristics of the patient, can combine local anesthesia with sedation.

What does it consist of?

When the hymen is torn, after having sex or because of a blow, it breaks into a star. During the hymenoplasty the different parts are sutured with an absorbable thread; a process that usually does not last more than 60 minutes.

Patient Profile

Initially, any healthy woman who wants to have a hymenoplasty can do it, regardless of age.

Surgery Procedure

This technique, more demanded cultural and/or social reasons than for aesthetic or health reasons, is indicated to reconstruct the hymen, which is done with the patient’s own tissue. During the operation, an incision is made on both sides of the vaginal epithelium, the mucosa that lines the vaginal walls, and they are joined together with absorbable points. It is carried out under local anesthesia and lasts for 30-60 mins.

Results of a hymenoplasty

The results of a hymenoplasty are never aesthetic, and most women who are asked why the hymen are rebuilt say they are looking for a fully functional result. The patient who undergoes a hymenoplasty restores the hymen and becomes a virgin again , either for a personal reason or for something social.

After this intervention, in the first sexual relationship you will even feel pain and bleed when the hymen breaks. With this, certain women regain self-confidence and the tranquility of facing a sexual act , fulfilling the prerequisites that their environment in certain cases demands of them. However, the reason for having a hymenoplasty is not always a social conditioning, since many choose it to relive experiences and sensations they had long ago, in their first sexual relations.

Frequent Questions


How long does hymenoplasty surgery last?

The hymenoplasty lasts approximately 1 and is usually done under local anesthesia, which can be combined with sedation.

How long a hospital stay is needed after a hymenoplasty?

As the hymenoplasty is an outpatient surgery, the patient will not require hospitalization, once the surgery is over and the patient can go home after recovering from the anesthesia.

After hymenoplasty surgery, when can I have a normal life? 

Most patients undergoing hymenoplasty are able to resume their normal life 1 month after the procedure.

Scare after surgery

The Hymenoplasty leaves small scars on the outside of the vagina but when they heal, they become imperceptible.

Sexual relations after Hymenoplasty

Another major question is how long you have to wait to have sex. Although this period will depend on each patient and it will be the surgeon who communicates the exact period, it is normal that they do not have sexual relations during the first month after the intervention. Also, it is recommended not to practice intense physical exercise during this period.

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Hymenoplasty Surgery Cost in Lahore Pakistan

The price of a hymen reconstruction is very affordable since the duration of the surgery is short, it does not require hospital admission and the anesthesia is local. As always, the cost of many of the surgeries depends on the surgeon’s prestige and experience, as well as the hospital center’s fees. Hymenoplasty Surgery cost in Lahore Pakistan is round about Rs: 75000 to 175,000, This surgery cost includes the following:

  • Preoperative
  • Anesthetist
  • Intervention
  • Medication needed

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