Hymen Reconstruction | Hymenoplasty in Ahmedabad India

Ever wondered if restoring virginity was an option?


By restoring virginity, we don’t mean undoing things of the past but rather restoring mark that represents virginity.


Yes it is possible with a Hymenoplasty Procedure .

The Hymen is a ring-like skin membrane that sits in the lower 1/3rd of the vagina. It marks the spot where the Vulvovaginal bulbs fuse with the Mullerian ducts from above then hollow out to form the vagina during a girl’s embryonic life.

Hymen is a membrane which is partly absorbed in center to form a passage for exit of menstrual blood.

Who is a candidate for Hymenoplasty Surgery?

The hymen can be broken due to several reasons and usually although not always, some bleeding will be experienced –

All women with torn hymen can be candidate of Hymenoplasty Surgery if medically fit.

Intended Result of Hymenoplasty Surgery

Procedure Description

Recuperation and Healing after Hymenoplasty Surgery

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