Breast Fat Grafting in Lahore

According to the International Society for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery (ISAPS), breast augmentation is the most requested cosmetic surgery intervention in Asia Especially in Pakistan. Women increasingly resort to this surgery for various reasons, they can be for medical, aesthetic or even psychological reasons. Many of them having a small breast feel unfulfilled and unhappy, as they are not comfortable with their own body, which could lead to severe depression. Cosmetic surgery has advanced so much in recent years that it is already possible to perform a mammoplasty without the need for implants, and nowadays you can already do a breast augmentation with your own fa. For Breast Fat Grafting in Lahore visit our clinic and get Breast augmentation with own fat from certified plastic surgeon in Pakistan

Would you like to have a breast with more volume?

If your self-esteem is at risk and you feel self-conscious about having a chest with little volume, the time has come for you to make a great decision in your life. And you do not deserve to live like this, arm yourself with courage and put a brake on this situation. You know that with cosmetic surgery you can solve your problem and live life fully, you will be spectacular and you will improve your quality of life enormously.

Don’t expect a miracle, look for your happiness!

It is advisable that to carry out this intervention you go to a professional clinic and a doctor specialized in this field who has experience. In this way, you make sure that you will get the results you expect. The Doctor Amin Cosmoplast Clinic is recognized as the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Lahore and Spain. And it is that Doctor Amin Cosmoplast has more than 30 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, so you can trust his hands and those of all his medical team to perform a breast augmentation Lahore with his own fat.

If you want to know more about the most innovative and natural technique to increase the size of your chest, stay until the end and you will discover the great advantages that it has with respect to implants.

What is a breast augmentation surgery with its own fat?

  • Breast augmentation surgery with its own fat is a technique that aims to improve the shape and size of the breast using the fat that has been extracted from the patient herself. In the same intervention, it is possible to eliminate the excess body fat and increase the size of the breasts.
  • It is the most natural way to increase the size of the breasts and with which lasting results are achieved, but if it has a limitation, it is that it increases the volume of the chest moderately.
  • If you are one of those who do not want to increase the volume of the breasts using traditional silicone prostheses, this is your best option.
  • Your chest will improve its appearance naturally!

Uses of own fat in a mammoplasty

Own fat has been used for a long time for medical and aesthetic purposes due to its easy handling and its great acceptance by the body as it is a natural substance.

Regarding its uses in regard to breast augmentation, we can say that it is used to:

  • Eliminate subsidence
  • Improve the appearance of scars such as mastectomies
  • Fill gaps caused by chest loss or tissue loss,
  • Increase their size.

Advantages of breast augmentation with own fat compared to implants

Breast augmentation with its own fat has many advantages over implants, and for this reason it is an increasingly used technique in cosmetic surgery.

Let’s see what those advantages are!

  • The use of fat to perform a breast augmentation does not imply using an artificial material such as silicone prostheses, so the possibility that you may suffer rejection or allergy is eliminated.
  • The appearance and feel of the breast increased with its own fat is much more natural than with implants.
  • Certain risks associated with the use of implants are eliminated, such as capsular contracture, waviness, rupture, and infection or failure of the implant, among others.
  • The scars are negligible with the use of the own fat, since they are smaller than when implants are used.
  • The fat offers great flexibility, since the quantity to be used and the place where it can be placed can be adapted to your wishes.
  • Recovery is much faster than with the use of implants.
  • And finally, a great advantage of breast augmentation with its own fat is that in addition to improving your chest, you eliminate the excess fat from your body.

Body fat augmentation procedure

The procedure of breast augmentation with body fat not only increases the volume of the breast, but also molds it and makes it possible to regain the natural appearance that had been lost due to physical conditions, previous treatments or diseases.


Before the intervention, the medical team of the Doctor Amin Cosmoplast Clinic in Lahore will study your particular case, complete your medical history, and ask you about your expectations. In addition, they will perform a physical examination of the possible areas from which the fat can be extracted, they will indicate that you have a mammogram, and they may even recommend that you do an MRI or ultrasound.


The intervention lasts between one hour and two and a half hours depending on its characteristics, it is performed in a day hospital and at most only one day of hospitalization is necessary. Sedation is usually used with local anesthesia. The steps of the intervention are as follows:


Using liposuction, they will remove the amount of fatty tissue that is necessary to perform the breast augmentation. They can get fat from one or more parts of your body such as the abdomen, hips, lateral and posterior flanks, or the inner side of the thighs or knees.

Body fat treatment

In order to perform a breast augmentation with your own fat in Lahore, it is necessary to treat the extracted fat, go through a filtration procedure with techniques such as Coleman or Puragraf so that you are in the best conditions to infiltrate it in the areas of the chest where it is needed .

Grafting fat onto the chest

It is the last step of this procedure, the fat will be grafted into the breasts and molded to obtain a better appearance and larger breast size.


You will be discharged the same day of the intervention or after the next 24 hours, between 3 and 7 days you can return to recover your work activity. During the first two months after the intervention you will not be able to practice contact or high-effort sports, and it is advisable that you go to all the review appointments.

Results of breast augmentation with own fat in Lahore

The results are appreciated immediately after the intervention, but to see the definitive ones you will have to wait between 3 and 6 months for the postoperative inflammation to decrease. Furthermore, it is a non-invasive technique with long-lasting results. You will get a chest with greater volume but with a totally natural look and feel. And if you are concerned about the scars being seen, in this case, they are much smaller than with implants and are practically invisible.

Breast Fat Grafting in Lahore | Breast augmentation with own fat Pakistan


Breast augmentation surgery with its own fat is an innovative technology that allows to shape and increase the volume of the breasts using the patient’s own fat. To perform it, it is necessary to previously perform liposuction to extract the necessary amount of fat. It has many more advantages than performing it with implants since as fat is a substance generated by the body itself, the possibility of rejection or allergy is eliminated. Recovery is faster and the results are more natural and definitive. Hospitalization and general anesthesia are not necessary to perform it.

The best option to carry it out is without a doubt the Doctor Amin Cosmoplast Clinic, because its treatments are cutting-edge and its techniques are not very invasive, and also because of the trust, quality and using a unique clinical method. Thanks to breast augmentation with your own fat in Lahore you will look pretty, you will regain your self-esteem and your enthusiasm for living each day.

lipotransference, lipoimplant or breast lipofilling.

Fatty breast augmentation is a grafting of fat cells from other body areas on the chest. It is a safe and effective treatment in the hands of experienced professionals.

What is fat breast augmentation?

It is known as breast lipofilling. It is a graft of fat cells from other body areas in the chest.

We can perform this technique to improve aesthetics, such as increasing volume, or for reconstructive purposes to resolve certain defects from trauma, previous surgeries, reconstructive surgery, or mastectomy.

How is the fat augmentation procedure performed?

It is done in three steps.

  • The fat cells of the patient are obtained from the donor areas, which can be the hips, legs or belly with mini liposuction.
  • A special treatment of these cells is carried out with centrifugation, to purify them and subsequently transfer them.
  • It is carried out the grafting of fat cells in the breast with a small cannula.

Indications for fat breast augmentation

Moderate increase in volume

  • The breast subjected to this intervention will age more naturally, in addition there is no risk or incompatibility.
  • There will be no visible scars in either the donor or recipient area, as the fat that is removed is injected with small cannulas.
  • The touch of the breast is completely natural.
  • We can also reduce the volume of other areas, such as saddlebags or belly.

Correct sequelae and improve outcomes and other interventions

  • We can cover the edges of the prosthesis with grease, so that they are not noticeable to the touch.
  • Extra increases in patients with prostheses, when they want to slightly increase the volume.
  • It reduces the rippling or wrinkles that can form in the prostheses, especially with those of little cohesive gel.
  • Provide volume in some areas, such as the sternum.
  • To correct double grooves.
  • Correct scars.

Correction of breast asymmetries without having to use a prosthesis.

  • It allows us to correct small asymmetries, both in volume and shape, without having to resort to implants.
  • Asymmetries from previous surgeries are also corrected.

Breast filling after prosthetic removal

  • Breast Augmentation with fat in these cases in which we permanently remove the prostheses , is indicated for patients, offering them the possibility of performing a fat transfer in order to compensate for the volume that has been lost.

Partial or complete breast reconstruction

  • We can use it as an option on those small breasts, in order to fill them only with fat.
  • Also, in a complementary way to solve irregularities in a breast already reconstructed after cancer.
  • It is also commonly used to prepare the skin after radiation therapy.
  • Breast reconstruction surgery also is done with own fat

Frequently asked questions about breast augmentation with own fat

What should my weight be for a Breast Lipofilling?

Weight is not a determining factor to carry out this treatment, but it is necessary to have fat deposits with a sufficient volume to be able to proceed with its extraction. We can have a suitable weight but have my shillings or pouches, which would not serve as a donor area. We must not forget that only 30 – 40% of what we extract will be of sufficient quality

From which areas is the fat extracted?

The most frequent areas where fat ends are the  flanks, abdomen and hips.

How many sizes can I gain with Fat Breast Augmentation?

With a session in our clinic, it is possible to win a drink. If we repeat the procedure, we can gradually gain more volume. This is because the fatty tissue infiltrates an area with the same tissue, so there will be less reabsorption later.

If I lose weight after this procedure, do I also lose chest fat?

If we lose weight, the cells will reduce their volume and the same will happen if we gain weight. And the number of cells is going to be stable.

How is the postoperative period?

The pain is much less than with a  prosthetic chest operation . There could be minor discomfort in the donor area, where we have vacuumed to get the fat.

Can I put on a prosthesis after a breast augmentation with fat?

Yes there is no problem.

Is it a safe procedure?

Fat breast augmentation is a safe procedure. Also, it has been used for many years. Although we must never forget that any surgical intervention is not without some possible complication that we should be aware of, but this process is greatly improved and in the hands of professionals it is a completely safe technique.

Can it cause cysts or tumors?

To this day, there is no known relationship between the transplantation of own fat and the appearance of tumors or cancer.

What could happen depending on the technique used, is that small fat cysts or microcalcifications appear. These are of no importance, and need only be considered when interpreting mammograms.

Can it affect cancer diagnosis and prevention tests such as mammoplasty?

No, a chest with fatty tissue is also better interpreted than with a prosthesis. Since the fat appears transparent on the mammogram and is better visualized.

But we do recommend a mammogram before this procedure, so that in the future specialists can assess the changes and differences well.


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