Brazilian Butt Lift / Fat Grafting

BBL is a method of Fat Grafting to make buttocks look firm


In all cultures, shapely buttocks have been considered important determinant of the female beauty.


BBL lets you have a curvy look

Moreover, modern fashion reveals more body parts, making us more aware of our imperfections, however slight

Yet another factor driving women to visit cosmetic surgeons for such surgeries is actually too much working out and athletics. Some women are so physically fit; they have lost virtually all the fat from their buns, making those rear ends too flat.

Who is a candidate?

People who:

Intended Result of Brazilian Butt Lift

Procedure Description

Recuperation and Healing

Brazilian Butt Lift Versus Silicone But Implants

Prior to the Brazilian butt lift procedure; doctors were using silicone implants to reshape the buttocks. These implants had their share of risks and complications, and the results often didn’t look natural. But the Brazilian butt lift surgery offers many benefits over silicone implants, including:

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